Aging Ductwork Could Be the Culprit for Inefficiency in Your Northern Colorado Home

aging ductworkIf you’re concerned about saving the environment or about saving your budget, finding as many ways as possible to reduce energy consumption in your home is very much worth the effort for a lot of reasons. But did you know that one of the hidden ways your home could be wasting energy is through aging ductwork? While energy-efficient HVAC systems are a fantastic way to boost your home’s efficiency, some of those advantages could be going to waste if you’re relying on aging ductwork.  

Depending on the quality of the ducts that were installed and how well they were maintained, the ductwork’s condition for its age can vary greatly from one home to the next. Here are a few signs that indicate potential problems.

  • Is there insufficient airflow to some areas of your home? Ductwork begins to break down as it ages, leading to problems that can range from releasing particulates into the air to ductwork obstructions that obstruct the airflow.
  • Have you noticed no airflow at all is reaching a certain area or room? In some cases, entire portions of ductwork may even collapse, completely cutting off airflow.
  • Is your HVAC system running more often and longer than it should to adjust the temperature in your home? Aging ductwork can begin to crack and disconnect as it goes downhill, losing the treated air instead of directing it into the rooms of your home.
  • Is there visible debris in your ductwork?
  • Does your home still have the original ductwork it was built with? If so, you may encounter aging issues early on. This is because houses are often built with inexpensive ducts to cut down on construction costs, which unfortunately don’t have a good lifespan.

If you check your ducts yourself and notice the problem signs we mentioned, or you’re uncomfortable checking things for yourself and suspect your home might be suffering from aging ductwork, call a trustworthy HVAC tech. A professional can inspect your ductwork and give you additional information if repairs or replacement are in order.

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