HVAC Tips Can Be Found on Many Reputable Websites

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Looking for HVAC tips? There are countless websites on the internet that contain HVAC advice and HVAC information. Many of the sites are highly reputable and provide a great service to homeowners and individuals responsible for commercial building maintenance.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 websites that offer excellent HVAC tips and provide information that can be beneficial to anyone in need of HVAC advice.

  1. gov – This website is maintained by the U.S. Department of Energy. Many of the helpful articles published on this site provide information on HVAC efficiently, tips on how to select an HVAC system, and information on how to save money on energy consumption.
  1. House Logic – The House Logic website is produced by the National Association of Realtors. The goal of the website is to provide information to homeowners that will help you make decisions related to your home. A multitude of articles related to HVAC tips and HVAC information is published on this website.
  1. The United States Environmental Protection Agency – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which is commonly referred to as the EPA, has a website that provides an abundance of information related to indoor air quality, HVAC systems, HVAC tips and much more.
  1. Home Advisor – The Home Advisor website contains a large amount of information in its Articles & Advice section. The articles provide HVAC tips that can be helpful to homeowners looking to learn the basics about various home projects and about how systems within your home work in general.
  1. This Old House – There are hundreds of HVAC tips available to visitors of the This Old House website. From video clips to step-by-step instructions, anyone looking for information about a heating, cooling or ventilation system will likely be able to locate useful information on this website.
  1. Heating and Cooling Help – The Heating and Cooling Help website is an excellent resources for anyone looking for HVAC tips or information on heating, cooling or air quality. Information on topics ranging from air cleaners to heat pumps to thermostats to zoning is covered on this site.
  1. Porch – According to its website, the mission of Porch is to encourage homeowners to love their home. The site contains many articles that include HVAC tips and other important pieces of HVAC information that can be very useful to homeowners looking for more information about their heating, cooling and ventilation system.
  1. Today’s Homeowners – Today’s Homeowner website offers readers expert advice on many issues related to homeownership – which includes HVAC Tips, insulation, maintenance tips, air duct cleaning, air filters, and much more.
  1. Bob Vila – If you are looking for information on HVAC installation, HVAC tips, HVAC advice, or any other type of information related to an HVAC system, the Bob Vila website is a great place to start. This website provides information to homeowners looking for advice related to either minor or major home projects or the replacement or repair of any type of system or appliance that exists in a home.

Air Conditioning Repair Service Tips from Energy.Gov

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Energy.gov is an excellent resource for information related to air conditioning repair service and all types of facts about heating and cooling systems. The Energy.gov website is maintained by the United States Department of Energy. The mission of the Department is: to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challengers through transformative science and technology solutions.

There are many useful and helpful articles published on the Energy.gov website related to air conditioning, central air conditioner repairs, and heating and cooling tips.

An article published on the Energy.gov website titled Tips: Air Conditioners contains a wealth of detailed information. Following are some points from the article that can be useful to homeowners:

It’s important to have the correct size central air conditioning system installed in your home. A system that is either too big or too small for the space it is expected to cool can lead to inefficiency. Therefore, it’s important to use a professional air conditioning repair service company to help determine the proper size system for your home.

If you live in a relatively low-humid climate, use a whole house fan to help cool your home. A whole house fan can help draw cool air into your home when outdoor temperatures drop during the evening and nighttime hours. A whole house fan can sometimes be used as a substitute for a central air conditioning system on a mild day.

When looking for a replacement air conditioning system for your home, consider a unit that is energy efficient. An air conditioning system that is labeled as energy efficient can use a significantly lower amount of energy to run.

Utilize ceiling fans and portable fans to your advantage. Fans can be used to help circulate the cool air produced by your air conditioner.

Another article published on the Energy.gov website titled Spring and Summer Energy Saving Tips contains the following points about how to conserve energy with your air conditioning system during the hottest months of the year:

Take advantage of cool outdoor air. If you live in an area that cools significantly at night, consider opening windows and cooling your home with outdoor air instead of running your air conditioning system all night long.

Remember to set your thermostat at a higher temperature when nobody will be home. Increasing your thermostat by a few degrees when nobody will be home is a good way to conserve energy and potentially reduce your monthly energy bill.

Keep your HVAC system maintained. Hire an air conditioning repair service company to complete a regular tune-up on your system on a regular schedule. This can help reduce the possibility of requiring central air conditioner repairs in the future and can help ensure your system runs efficiently.

Make sure your home is properly insulated and sealed. Air leaks can allow warm outdoor air to seep into your home. When this happens, it can make it very difficult for your central air conditioner to cool your home efficiently. Proper insulation in your walls, attic and crawlspaces is essential, as is sealing cracks and making sure weather stripping is applied around windows and doors.


Need Central Air Conditioner Repair? Get it done NOW!

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Want to save money on central air conditioner repair? Then get your needed repairs done as soon as possible. Spending money on air conditioner repairs can potentially prevent or halt more serious problems with your system – which might ultimately be more costly to fix.

Air conditioner repair costs can vary from one system model to another. Also, the cost of repairs can differ from one brand of air conditioner to another. Not only must a Denver HVAC company charge homeowners for labor, but the cost of parts must also be added to the equation. Therefore, it’s smart to have you air conditioning system repaired as soon as you notice something is wrong, so that the cost of repairs can be kept as low as possible.

Here are a few explanations as to why it’s a good idea to have central air conditioner repair completed sooner rather than later:

By fixing problems early, it may be possible to prevent additional repairs. An air conditioner that is forced to run when it’s not in optimal condition can be inefficient. Not only can it require more energy to run an air conditioner that is not functioning properly, but the system’s current problems can create additional (and preventable) issues. It’s oftentimes a better idea to schedule central air conditioner repair and have your system fixed before you end up with a system that needs several additional repairs. Air conditioner repair costs can be kept to a minimum when problems are addressed early.

You might as well enjoy central air conditioning while the weather is still hot! If you wait until the end of summer to call a Denver HVAC company for needed central air conditioner repair, you may have to suffer through a hot summer before your air conditioner works properly. Additionally, you might end up spending extra money on electricity in order to have your inefficient air conditioner work harder than necessary. The money you will spend on a higher electricity bill might be the same amount you’d owe a Denver HVAC company for repairs.

When your air conditioner does not work properly, your indoor environment can become humid. Depending on the climate in which you live, it may be important to use your air conditioner to remove excessive humidity from your indoor air. If you do not run your air conditioner because it needs repairs, the indoor air in your home can become humid. Humidity inside of a home can result in the growth of indoor mold and mildew.

If you are putting off needed central air conditioner repair for any reason, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We are a Denver HVAC company that is happy to provide you with an estimate for air conditioner repair costs. If your air conditioning system requires professional attention, we will take a look and provide you with advice and guidance on whether we think you should have the system repaired immediately or if we think you can wait to have your repairs completed at a later date.


Some Air Conditioner Repairs are Simple to Complete

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Nobody wants to learn that they need air conditioner repairs on a hot summer day. As  a homeowner, you want is to come home and be greeted by a nice, cool home. But, unfortunately, there might come a time in which your central air conditioning system does not function properly. When you notice that your air conditioner blows only warm air, or it does not turn on at all, it’s probably time to call a Denver air conditioning company for air conditioner repairs.

Even though you might need to hire a professional company to complete your home air conditioner repair, there might be certain repairs that you can complete yourself. It’s never a good idea to fiddle with a central air conditioning system if you truly have no idea what you are doing. Additionally, if you are not trained in how to complete air conditioner repairs, you might end up causing additional problems that can be expensive or complicated to fix.

Here are examples of basic air conditioner repairs that may be easily completed by you, without the help of a Denver air conditioning repair company:

Changing the air filter. Most homeowners are able to change their HVAC system’s air filter without the help of a professional HVAC technician. If you do not know how to change your air filter, ask your technician to show you. You should be able to complete this task once you are given initial instructions.

Keeping the area around your outdoor air conditioning unit clean. It’s important for an air conditioning unit to have good air flow. It’s entirely possible for a homeowner to monitor the outdoor unit and make sure it is clear of debris and plant growth.

Installing a programmable thermostat. Depending on your technical expertise, it may be possible for you to install a new thermostat. If you have an old thermostat and want to benefit from a more efficient, programmable thermostat, you might be able to install it without the help of a Denver air conditioning company.

Checking the circuit breaker. If your air conditioning system is not working, you might be able to confirm that something is wrong by checking the circuit breaker. You might be able to re-set the circuit breaker, which can cause your air conditioner to start working again. If the problem occurs multiple times, it might require professional home air conditioner repair.

There are certain air conditioner repairs that are simple enough for a homeowner to complete without the help of a professional home air conditioner repair company. If you would like advice on how to complete simple repairs, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We are happy to provide assistance in any way we can. We are also able to step in and help at any time. Our Top Contractors serve homeowners in the entire Denver metropolitan area.

How to Avoid Emergency Air Conditioner Repair for Your Commercial Building

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If you are the owner of a commercial building that is used by one or more companies to conduct business, the last thing you want is a phone call telling you that the HVAC system is not working and requires emergency air conditioner repair. During the hot months of the year, making sure your commercial building’s air conditioning is in working order is extremely important. When the air conditioning is not working properly, the inside of the building can become hot and uncomfortable. If there is no ventilation, the inside of the building can quickly become stuffy and unpleasant.

If you own or operate a commercial building and you would like to know more about central air conditioner repair costs, make sure to contact a Denver HVAC contractor for an estimate. If your building’s air conditioner and HVAC system are not working well, you don’t want the people who work inside of the building to suffer.

Here are some of precautions that can help alleviate the possibility of emergency air conditioner repair in your commercial building:

Air Conditioner Maintenance. If you want to avoid the possibility of expensive central air conditioner repair costs, make sure a Denver HVAC contractor is hired on a regular schedule to complete routine maintenance on your air conditioning system. Routine maintenance appointments can catch impending problems and also ensure your system is functioning as well as possible.

Evaluate the Building’s Insulation. A building that is able to retain cool air during the summer and hot air during the winter is one that is properly insulated and sealed. A Denver HVAC contractor should be able to evaluate your commercial building and provide you with tips and advice on how to make sure your building is as efficient as possible.

Temperature Control. A commercial building should have a programmable thermostat that can be set to adjust the internal temperature of the building when nobody is inside. There may not be a need to keep a commercial building as cool (or warm) at night as you would during the day when people are there.

As a commercial building owner, it’s important to find and develop a working relationship with a trustworthy and reliable Denver HVAC contractor. A reputable HVAC contractor will help keep your commercial building’s air conditioning system in good working order, which should lead to reduced central air conditioner repair costs. In turn, this should also contribute to energy savings and lower monthly utility bills.

When it comes to a commercial building, the owners or person/company in charge of managing the building has a responsibility to provide a comfortable and healthy environment for those who work inside of the building on a daily basis. Healthy indoor air quality is important, and helps keep workers from breathing polluted indoor air – which can lead to various ailments. Healthy workers can help a business survive and thrive. Give Rheem Pro Partner a call today. We repair and maintain commercial HVAC systems throughout the Denver metropolitan area.

How Well Do You Know Your Central Air Conditioning System?

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Your central air conditioning system has probably been installed in your home for many years. It’s possible that your air conditioner has been in your home longer than you! But even though your air conditioner has been around for a long time… how well do you know it? You might know how to turn your air conditioner on and off by changing the settings on your thermostat. But do you know the answers to these basic questions?

  • What brand is your air conditioner?
  • What is the size of your air conditioner?
  • What year was your air conditioning system installed in your home?
  • When was the last time you called a Greenwood Village, CO ac repair company?
  • Did your air conditioner have a tune-up or maintenance check-up this year?
  • How much do central air conditioner repairs typically cost for your system?

Many homeowners do not know the answers to these relatively basic questions. But even though they do not know their air conditioning system very well, they still expect it to function properly on a hot day.

To get to know your central air conditioning system a little better, it’s a good idea to spend some time learning about how air conditioners work. Also, it’s important to get to know your Greenwood Village, CO ac repair technician. While at your home performing a routine maintenance and inspection on your system, or completing necessary central air conditioning repairs, make sure to ask the HVAC technician many questions. If something is wrong with your system, it’s a good idea to understand the air conditioner repair that is being completed so you know how to handle the situation if it ever occurs again in the future.

Following are some facts about air conditioning and how it works:

Turning your thermostat to a very low temperature in order to get your house to cool faster doesn’t actually cool your home faster. Therefore, if you are hot, make sure to set your thermostat to a desired temperature – and not an unrealistically low temperature. Setting the thermostat too low can actually cause your ac system to work overtime, which can result in a high energy bill.

A programmable thermostat can be very helpful in maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. There are many benefits to a programmable thermostat, and this type of thermostat can help you save money on energy.

You do not have to keep your air conditioner running all day at full force – unless someone will be home to enjoy the cool air. It’s perfectly fine to set your thermostat for a higher temperature during the hours when nobody will be home. The slight setting increase provides your air conditioner with a break.

The next time you want to know more about your home’s central air conditioning system, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We are Greenwood Village, CO ac repair experts, and we serve the entire Denver Metropolitan area. We are available seven days a week to answer your questions and provide you with top notch air conditioner repair.


How to Help Prevent Air Conditioner Problems by Naturally Purifying Your Indoor Air

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If your indoor air is filled with pollutants, your air conditioning system might suffer as a result. When air circulates throughout your home while your air conditioning is running, the air travels through your home’s air vents. The air makes its way to your HVAC system, and through the system’s air filter. When the air inside of your home is dirty or polluted, your air conditioning system can suffer the consequences. By keeping the air inside of your home as pure as possible, you can help prevent the need for central air conditioner repair.

There are many techniques you can follow to help naturally purify your indoor air. Rheem Pro Partner, which is an ac repair company that serves Northglenn, CO and the entire Denver metropolitan area recommends the following:

Keep houseplants strategically placed throughout your home. There are several types of houseplants that are known for their ability to help reduce air pollution. The NASA Clean Air Study lists many of the most well-known air filtering plants. The list was compiled in 1989 as part of a study that was conducted to determine ways to clean the air in space stations. Many of the plants on the list are easy to keep in a home.

Use good air filters in your HVAC system. There are basic air filters that can work very well to clean the air in your home, but there are also filters that are extra efficient. HEPA filters can cost a bit more than basic air filters, but they can do an excellent job of cleaning your indoor air and removing pollutants that may lurk in your home.

Avoid cleaning products that contaminate the air. Certain cleaning solutions and products can cause your indoor air to become polluted. It’s always advisable to use all-natural cleaning products in your home, and avoid cleaning products that contain toxic ingredients.

Remove shoes, jackets and contaminated clothing before entering your home. If your shoes, jacket or clothes are covered in pollutants, make sure to remove those items before entering your home. The pollutants can easily fly off of shoes and clothes and into the air inside of your home. Despite the fact that you might not be able to see tiny particles, they can easily pollute your indoor air.

On high-allergy days, keep your windows closed. Even though the outdoor temperature might be pleasant and cool, keep your windows closed on high-allergy days. When pollens are high, particles can easily float into your home through open windows or doors. Once inside, the particles travel through your HVAC system when it’s running.

If it’s smoky outside, seal your house. In many geographic locations, wildfires are not uncommon. On days when fires are nearby, make sure to keep your windows and doors sealed unless you have to go outside. Removing the smell of smoke from a home can be hard on your HVAC system.

Air conditioner repairs can be inconvenient. Help your air conditioner stay in good condition by keeping your indoor air as pollution-free as possible. For more information on how to keep the air inside of your home as pollution-free as possible, contact your Northglenn, CO ac repair company today. Rheem Pro Partner is at your service seven days a week.


Ways to Save Money on Central Air Conditioner Repair

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When it comes to air conditioner repair, nobody wants to spend more money than necessary. Many companies charge the same amount for an air conditioner repair during normal business hours and during off-hours – such as weekends and holidays. Nonetheless, the cost of repairs can be expensive.

The best way to combat expensive ac repair in Highland Ranch, CO, or anywhere else in the Denver metropolitan area is to keep your central air conditioning system in good condition through regular maintenance and service. Prevention is the best way to avert serious and expensive problems with your system. However, it’s not possible to prevent all ac repairs because things can break without warning. In such cases, you want to make sure to hire an air conditioning repair company that is trustworthy and reliable.

Here are tips on how to save money on central air conditioner repair if the need arises:

Schedule a maintenance appointment during a slow time of year. It’s easier to find a Highlands Ranch, CO ac repair company with available maintenance appointments during the spring and the fall. In other words, a day when the outdoor temperature is 100 degrees is not necessarily the best time to call for an air conditioning tune-up. On very hot days, most air conditioning repair companies are busy helping customers that have broken ac systems.

Find an ac repair company in Highlands Ranch that you trust, and stick with that company. Air conditioner repair companies love repeat customers. It’s always helpful when an HVAC technician is able to visit the same home multiple times over the course of several years. This way, the technician can get to know your system, and any of its unusual quirks.

Don’t put an unnecessary burden on your central air conditioning system. If it’s very hot outside, try to set your thermostat a bit higher so your air conditioning system does not have to run constantly without a break. One way to cause your system to overheat is to expect it to meet difficult demands.

Change your air filters regularly. If your air filters are changed on a regular schedule, the system will run more efficiently. The free flow of air through the system when the air filters are clean can help prevent certain damage to your system that can potentially result in expensive air conditioning repair.

Enroll in an extended service protection plan. By enrolling in an extended service protection plan, you are protected from the cost of certain ac repairs. The cost of the plan can be worthwhile, and can provide you with peace of mind.

When it comes to saving money on central air conditioner repairs, there are several things you can do to try and prevent the need for repair in the first place. Your best defense against things going wrong with your system is taking care of your air conditioner by scheduling regular maintenance appointments. For additional tips on how to save money on air conditioner repairs and how to prevent the need for service calls, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We are a Highlands Ranch, CO ac repair company that serves the entire Denver metro area.


The Many Benefits of Ceiling Fans

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Even though ceiling fans do not actually reduce the indoor temperature of your home, they can certainly make the people living in your home feel cooler and more comfortable on a very hot day. Ceiling fans are effective because they produce a wind chill effect. This means the wind that is produced by a ceiling fan can make a person feel cooler – even though the actual temperature of the air is the same as it would be if the fan was not running. If you are in Centennial, Co and you are in need of air conditioner repairs, using your home’s ceiling fans will help you get through hot days and nights until your air conditioner repair is complete.

If you are concerned about air conditioner repair cost and you are putting off repairs because of the expense, ceiling fans can help. Ceiling fans have many practical benefits – including the fact that they can add to the decor in any room. Many of today’s ceiling fans are very stylish and modern. Ceiling fans come in several colors, sizes and finishes.

Here are several examples of the many benefits of ceiling fans:

Ceiling fans can help lower your monthly air conditioning bill. If ceiling fans can make you and everyone living in your home feel cooler, you may be able to set your air conditioner’s thermostat on a higher temperature. Raising your thermostat only one or two degrees can make a big impact on your monthly energy bill.

Fans that are mounted to the ceiling do not utilize room space. When fans are attached to the ceiling, they do not require floor or wall space. Unless a ceiling fan is mounted in a room with a very low ceiling, the fan should not interfere with the room or take up any usable space.

Ceiling fans are easy to operate. Most ceiling fans require a simple on/off switch to operate. Some ceiling fans require a pull string or a button. But for the most part, it’s typically not difficult to figure out how to use a ceiling fan and how to adjust its various speeds.

Fans do not cost as much to purchase as a central air conditioner system or as much as air conditioning repair. The most basic ceiling fans can be purchased for a minimal dollar amount. It may cost a bit extra if you need a professional to install the ceiling fan. But the price of a ceiling fan is less than the price of a new central air conditioning system. The cost of air conditioner repairs is also typically more than the cost of a brand new fan.

Even though ceiling fans might not be enough to keep your family cool and comfortable on an extremely hot day, fans can be very useful and effective. If you are located in or near Centennial, CO and you are in need of air conditioner repairs, ceiling fans can help keep your home cool until your regular HVAC system is in good working order. Air conditioner repair cost might be a concern. If so, ceiling fans can be an excellent alternative.

Can Central Air Conditioning Cause Dry Skin?

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If you have dry skin, you might want to blame the problem on your central air conditioning system. Your dry skin may or may not be a result of your central air conditioner. Dry skin during the summertime may be caused by low humidity in your home or office building. If you believe your dry skin is a result of your air conditioning system, make sure to visit your doctor for a full medical evaluation.

A central air conditioning system is designed to remove the humidity from the air inside of your home. But an air conditioning system does not remove one hundred percent of the humidity from a building. So, before you call a Denver air conditioning repair company for emergency air conditioner repair, make sure to manually check the humidity level in your home. If it is unusually high or low, the situation might warrant a visit from a central air conditioner repair company.

Problems can arise when the humidity inside of a home or building is either too high or too low. For example, low humidity can cause the people living or working in the home or building to develop dry skin or other health issues. Low humidity can also be bad for hardwood floors, have a negative effect on furniture made of certain materials, and it can cause general discomfort. A home or building with a high humidity level can cause mold to grow on walls, clothes and furniture. It can also cause the home to smell bad can cause draw bugs and pests inside of the building.

If you think your home has a humidity level that is either too high or too low, try the following:

Test the humidity level. There are instruments available that can test the humidity level in your home. You may be able to purchase a humidity monitor at a local hardware store, or you can call Rheem Pro Partner for a professional evaluation by a central air conditioner repair company.

Use a dehumidifier. If the humidity in your home is too high, a dehumidifier can help remove the humidity from the air and make the interior of the home or building more comfortable.

Use a humidifier. In situations in which the humidity level is too low, a humidifier can add humidity to the air. This can help solve the problem of dry skin. A humidifier can be portable and serve one room at a time. Or, a whole house humidifier can be installed and utilized when it’s needed.

In many cases, dry air is a problem in homes or buildings during the wintertime, not during the summertime. If you are experiencing dry skin during the summer, and you believe the problem is being caused by your central air conditioning system, make sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor to get confirmation that the air conditioning is the source of the problem. If it is, make sure to contact a Denver air conditioning repair company, such as Rheem Pro Partner, for an evaluation and necessary repairs. There is no need to live with dry skin caused by your HVAC system when there are methods that can alleviate the dry air in your home.