Questions to ask a Furnace Repair Company

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Whether you are in need of a furnace repair company because your HVAC system is not working properly or you are looking for a company to perform an annual tune-up on your system, it’s important to remember that it’s always a good idea to ask questions before choosing a company to hire. You might be inclined to hire a company that mailed you a coupon good for an excellent discount or even free services. But before hiring a company that you know very little about, make sure to ask several questions.

Questions to ask a furnace repair company:

Question: How long have you been in business? While the length of time a furnace repair company has been in business is not necessarily an indicator of the company’s skills or professionalism, you might feel more comfortable using a company that has significant experience.

Question: What are your business hours? If you are looking for furnace repair in Denver, you have many choices. There are several furnace repair companies that are available to take your phone call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While you might not need furnace repairs on a weekend or during the night right now, you might need help at an inopportune time of day in the future. It’s a good idea to develop a professional relationship with a company that is available for emergency furnace repair services on weekends, holidays, etc.

Question: Have there been many formal complaints made against your company? This might not be a question that you feel comfortable asking the furnace repair company directly. But you can certainly review whether the company has faced any recent customer complaints on your local Better Business Bureau’s website.

Question: Are you licensed and insured? It’s important to hire a furnace repair company that is licensed and insured. Even the most experienced furnace repair technicians can get hurt accidentally.

Question: Can you provide me with a written price quote for parts and services? Most reputable furnace repair companies offer their customers price quotes in writing. It’s always a good idea to get a price quote in writing so you don’t find yourself paying too much for products or labor.

Question: If I purchase a new furnace through your company, do you offer any financing options? If you need a complete replacement of your HVAC system, you might be looking at spending quite a bit of money. If you do not have that amount of money on hand, you may have to put the cost on a credit card or consider using an alternative financing method. If you need a financing option, it makes sense to work with a furnace repair company that either accepts credit cards or offers another type of financing.

Question: Do you offer a free estimate? If you have a serious issue with your furnace or air conditioning system and you know the repair (or replacement) will be relatively expensive, it’s a good idea to get a free price quote from more than one company.


How to Choose a Commercial HVAC Contractor

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One commercial HVAC contractor is not necessarily the same as the next one. It’s important to understand that almost every commercial building requires the assistance of a reliable commercial HVAC system repair company at some point in time. Finding a good match for your building’s unique needs is essential. As the manager or owner of a commercial building, it’s a good idea to build a professional relationship with a reputable and reliable commercial building HVAC company.

A good commercial HVAC contractor is not necessarily hard to find. But it does require a bit of work. Calling the commercial HVAC contractor that offers the absolutely lowest price is not necessarily the way to go. While you might pay less for a maintenance appointment or a one-time service call, that company might not be reliable or dependable in the long run.

Here are tips on how to find and select a commercial HVAC contractor:

The internet. It’s not necessarily advisable to find a commercial HVAC contractor on the internet without reading reviews of the company. A reputable commercial HVAC company can be discovered by conducting an internet search. Make sure to carefully read online reviews, check the company’s complaint history with the Better Business Bureau, and search for any negative information on the internet before calling the company to schedule an appointment.

Ask for a referral. If you work in the building management industry, you probably know other people who also work in this profession. Ask your colleagues for a recommendation. World of mouth referrals are often the most reliable and useful.

Inquire with the HVAC company you typically use for residential HVAC services. If you have ever called for residential HVAC services and you liked the company that helped you, give that company a call. It’s possible that the company offers commercial HVAC services as well as residential services. If it doesn’t, the company might be able to provide you with an excellent recommendation.

Once you’ve narrowed down your commercial HVAC contractor choices to one or two, it’s important to verify that the contractor is licensed, bonded and has insurance.

Other considerations when hiring a commercial building HVAC contractor:

The details of the work contract. When you hire a commercial HVAC system contractor, it’s a good idea to get a description of the work in writing. Also, make sure the contractor puts the cost of the work in writing as well as the anticipated completion date for the work.

Is the HVAC contactor available to handle emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? When your commercial building must have a functioning HVAC system every day of the year, it’s important that an HVAC contractor is on-call in case of an emergency.

Does the contractor offer a maintenance plan (and what does it include)? It’s a good idea to consider a maintenance plan if the price is reasonable. A maintenance plan may include seasonal tune-ups and equipment checks – which are both essential to the upkeep of your commercial building’s HVAC system.

HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Fall

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Fall is the perfect time of year to pull out your HVAC maintenance checklist and make sure your heating system is ready for the cold weather that will undoubtedly be here in month or so. Unless an unusual heat wave or cold front hits your area in late September or early October, this is typically the time of year when the weather is seasonable and pleasant – and there’s little need for either central air conditioning or your heating system.

An HVAC checklist can be a handy tool that can be used as a HVAC preventive maintenance reminder. HVAC maintenance is important in the fall because you want your system to be in excellent condition heading into winter. It’s never a good idea to wait until the outdoor air is uncomfortably cold before checking to make sure your HVAC system is functioning properly.

Your HVAC maintenance checklist for fall should include the following HVAC preventive maintenance items:

Make sure your HVAC system’s air filter is new. Your HVAC system’s air filter should be changed on a monthly basis. If you have not changed or cleaned your air filter in quite some time, now is the time to take care of it.

Have your air ducts cleaned. Many homeowner’s elect to have their air ducts professionally cleaned once a year. Fall is an excellent time to schedule an air duct cleaning appointment.

Adjust your ceiling fans so they spin in the correct direction. During the summer, your home’s ceiling fans should be set to spin in the forward direction. During the winter, the fans should be set to spin in the reverse direction.

Schedule an appointment with your HVAC company for an inspection and tune-up. An HVAC inspection and tune-up is a good way to help prevent the need for emergency HVAC repair on the coldest day of the year.

Look into purchasing an extended service agreement for your HVAC system. An extended service agreement is designed to help cover the cost of parts and labor if your HVAC system ever requires a repair.

Fall is a good time of year to evaluate your current heating and air conditioning system and decide whether it’s time to replace it with a new, more efficient system. If you think you might want to have a new system installed before winter, now is a good time to start shopping for a replacement.

An HVAC maintenance checklist can help you stay on track with HVAC preventive maintenance. It can be difficult to remember everything that should be completed prior to the beginning of the cold weather season. Besides the abovementioned items, make sure to add the following to your HVAC maintenance checklist: reset your thermostat, make sure all of your home’s air vents are open and not blocked by furniture or other items, and make sure your windows, doors and attic are properly insulated.

For more information about what should be included on your HVAC maintenance checklist, give your local HVAC company a call. Scheduling a seasonal inspection and tune-up for your HVAC system is one of the best things you can do for your home’s heating, ventilation and cooling system at this time of year.

It’s Time for Your Furnace Tune Up!

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Stop everything you’re doing! It’s time to call your HVAC company and schedule your yearly furnace tune up!

Fall is one of the very best times of year to schedule your yearly furnace maintenance appointment and furnace tune-up. There are many reasons to make your appointment today, but the most important is that you want to make sure your furnace works properly and efficiently when you need it –  which will likely be within the next several weeks.

A yearly furnace tune up is important for many reasons, and these are some of the most beneficial:

A furnace tune up can help keep your family safe. A furnace is responsible for generating heat and forcing the hot air through the air ducts and air vents throughout your home. It’s important that your furnace is in good working order so the chance of anything going wrong with your heating system is kept to a minimum.

Emergency furnace repairs can be expensive. If a problem with your furnace can be detected early during your annual furnace tune up appointment, it may be repairable before it leads to additional problems. Some furnace repair service companies charge a premium to make emergency furnace repair visits. Prevent the need to pay a premium by having repairs completed as early in the cold season as possible.

Furnace tune up appointments may be easier to schedule during the fall season. With pleasant and moderate outdoor temperatures during the fall, many furnace repair services companies have more time to complete furnace tune up appointments. Schedule yours early, and you may benefit from an optimal appointment time slot.

Keep your furnace warranty valid. If you have a warranty on your home furnace, the warranty might require that you have an annual furnace tune up completed on a specific schedule. Make sure to keep your warranty valid if a furnace tune up is required.

Furnace repair service companies often encourage homeowners to schedule their furnace tune up during the fall season. Not only does a furnace tune-up help make sure your furnace is ready for winter, but it is also something that can help you save money on your monthly utility bill.

An annual furnace tune up is an excellent way to help ensure your furnace performs as you expect it should this coming winter. Waking up in the middle of the night to a home that is 50 degrees because the furnace stopped working is never a good feeling. Finding an furnace repair service company to repair a furnace on a very cold day can be difficult. And being without heat in your home for more than a few hours can be incredibly inconvenient for you and anyone living in your home. All of these issues may be avoidable by scheduling a furnace tune up early in the season. So, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment for your furnace tune up today!


HVAC Tips Can Be Found on Many Reputable Websites

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Looking for HVAC tips? There are countless websites on the internet that contain HVAC advice and HVAC information. Many of the sites are highly reputable and provide a great service to homeowners and individuals responsible for commercial building maintenance.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 websites that offer excellent HVAC tips and provide information that can be beneficial to anyone in need of HVAC advice.

  1. gov – This website is maintained by the U.S. Department of Energy. Many of the helpful articles published on this site provide information on HVAC efficiently, tips on how to select an HVAC system, and information on how to save money on energy consumption.
  1. House Logic – The House Logic website is produced by the National Association of Realtors. The goal of the website is to provide information to homeowners that will help you make decisions related to your home. A multitude of articles related to HVAC tips and HVAC information is published on this website.
  1. The United States Environmental Protection Agency – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which is commonly referred to as the EPA, has a website that provides an abundance of information related to indoor air quality, HVAC systems, HVAC tips and much more.
  1. Home Advisor – The Home Advisor website contains a large amount of information in its Articles & Advice section. The articles provide HVAC tips that can be helpful to homeowners looking to learn the basics about various home projects and about how systems within your home work in general.
  1. This Old House – There are hundreds of HVAC tips available to visitors of the This Old House website. From video clips to step-by-step instructions, anyone looking for information about a heating, cooling or ventilation system will likely be able to locate useful information on this website.
  1. Heating and Cooling Help – The Heating and Cooling Help website is an excellent resources for anyone looking for HVAC tips or information on heating, cooling or air quality. Information on topics ranging from air cleaners to heat pumps to thermostats to zoning is covered on this site.
  1. Porch – According to its website, the mission of Porch is to encourage homeowners to love their home. The site contains many articles that include HVAC tips and other important pieces of HVAC information that can be very useful to homeowners looking for more information about their heating, cooling and ventilation system.
  1. Today’s Homeowners – Today’s Homeowner website offers readers expert advice on many issues related to homeownership – which includes HVAC Tips, insulation, maintenance tips, air duct cleaning, air filters, and much more.
  1. Bob Vila – If you are looking for information on HVAC installation, HVAC tips, HVAC advice, or any other type of information related to an HVAC system, the Bob Vila website is a great place to start. This website provides information to homeowners looking for advice related to either minor or major home projects or the replacement or repair of any type of system or appliance that exists in a home.

The Importance of Home Insulation

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Keeping a home warm during the winter and cool during the summer can be quite difficult if the house is not equipped with proper and adequate insulation. Home insulation is important in a home of any age. You might be surprised to learn that homes built as little as 10 years ago might not be as well-insulated as possible!

There are various types of home insulation and the best way to know which type should be added is to have a home insulation company visit your house and provide you with an evaluation and advice. It’s important to not ignore issues with your home insulation because it is tricky to maintain the indoor air temperature in a home that is poorly insulated.

During the winter, the furnace in a home with improper insulation must compete with cold outdoor air that can seep in through the home’s attic, cracks in the walls, leaky windows and doors, and several other areas that are prone to air leaks. During the summer, the same type of problem exists when trying to maintain a cool indoor temperature. Essentially, your home should be well insulated if you want your HVAC system to work effectively.

Many homeowners want more information about home insulation. Following are some basic home insulation tips, questions and answers that you may find helpful:

Does your home need more or better insulation? If it seems like your HVAC system cannot maintain a comfortable indoor temperature during the winter or summer, the problem might be related to your home insulation. If your home was built many decades ago, it’s possible that the original insulation has disintegrated over the course of time. Most older homes can benefit from more or better insulation. However, many newer homes are also improperly insulated, so don’t rule out insulation as the root of the problem if the desired temperature inside of your home is difficult to maintain.

Where should home insulation be placed? Home insulation should be placed inside of wall spaces, in ceilings and under floors. Also, insulation should be added in your attic. It’s important to add insulation to these areas in the proper fashion because you do not want the insulation to block air ventilation.

Do houses in all types of climates require insulation? Homes in all climates can benefit from proper insulation. Insulation helps keep your energy costs to a minimum and also creates an indoor environment that is more comfortable. If you would like more information on proper home insulation in a specific climate, make sure to contact a local home insulation specialist who is knowledgeable about insulating homes in your geographic location.

It’s important to understand that no matter how efficient your furnace is, your indoor air can feel consistently cold during the wintertime if your home is not properly insulated,. Insulation plays an important role in helping maintain your home’s indoor air temperature. An HVAC system can run much more effectively when it’s trying to heat, cool or ventilate a well-insulated home.


Is a Tankless Water Heater the Answer to Hot Water Heater Problems?

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If you have hot water heater problems in your home, you might be in the process of shopping around for a new water heater. There are many water heater choices, and deciding on which make and model to select as your replacement water heating system can be an overwhelming task. Not only must you choose a specific replacement water heater, but you also have to worry about hot water heater installation and eventually hot water heater maintenance.

If you are in the market for a water heater, you’ve probably noticed that a tankless water heater is an attractive option. With a tankless water heater, you never have to worry about running out of hot water. But like any appliance or system, there are pros and cons to all choices. While there are certainly many benefits of a tankless water heater, there are also benefits to a water heating system that requires a tank. Hot water heater problems can be an annoyance, so you want to make sure you choose the best possible solution for your hot water heater issues.

In a nutshell, a tankless water heater does not keep water in a heated storage tank. Instead, it quickly heats water as it is demanded by a person or an appliance (such as a dishwasher or clothes washer). A traditional hot water heater keeps heated water in a storage tank, and releases the water when someone or an appliance requests it. Once the tank is drained, it is refilled with water and the water is heated.

Here are a few pros and cons of a tankless water heater vs. a traditional water heater with a tank:

Pros of a tankless water heater:

  • A tankless system is smaller and takes up less space than a traditional water heater with a tank.
  • Is typically more energy-efficient than a system that must keep a tank of water hot at all times.
  • Can have a longer lifespan than a system with a tank.
  • Can heat water quickly.
  • Hot water supply never runs out.

Pros of a traditional water heater:

  • Can be less expensive to purchase than a tankless water heater.
  • Hot water heater installation is typically straightforward and simple

Cons of a tankless water heater:

  • Usually costs more to purchase than a traditional water heater.
  • Can cost more for tankless water heater installation.

Cons of a traditional water heater:

  • It usually requires more energy to keep a storage tank filled with hot water than a tankless water heater requires. This can result in a higher monthly utility bill.
  • Hot water heaters are much larger than a tankless system, and require more storage space.
  • When a hot water heater is drained, it takes a bit of time to heat the re-fill water.
  • A traditional hot water heater will not last forever, and may have to be replaced after 10 or 15 years.

If you have hot water heater problems, the decision on whether to choose a tankless water heating system or a traditional water heater with a tank should not be taken lightly. Both types of system have definite benefits. Make sure to choose the one that best meets the needs of the people living in your home.

Common AC Questions for a Local Air Conditioning Repair Company

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If you have questions about your HVAC system, one of the best things you can do is contact your local air conditioning repair company. Most Denver air conditioning companies are happy to answer questions from homeowners and those in charge of commercial air conditioning systems.

The climate in Colorado is very different from the climate in other parts of the United States. This is one reason that most local air conditioning repair companies are able to provide knowledgeable answers to questions related to HVAC systems installed in homes and commercial buildings in the Denver metropolitan area.

Following are some of the most common central air conditioning service questions that are presented to local air conditioning repair companies:

Q: How much do you charge for central air conditioning service and repairs?
A: The rates of local air conditioning repair companies vary. Remember, when a Denver air conditioning company visits your home to complete a tune-up or repairs on your HVAC system, you may have to pay for parts as well as labor. It’s a good idea find a trustworthy local air conditioning repair company and ask for a price quote before hiring the company to complete the job.

Q: How long is an air conditioning system supposed to last?
A: If you keep your air conditioning system well-maintained, it can last 15 years or longer. Make sure to talk with your local air conditioning repair company in great detail about the various brands and models of air conditioning systems before making a purchasing decision. Certain brands might have a better warranty than others, and certain brands might be known to last longer.

Q: What size air conditioning system do I need?
A: It’s very important to install the correct size air conditioning unit in your home or commercial building. There are several factors that come into play when determining the right air conditioner unit including: the size of the structure, how well the building is insulated, the climate in your geographic area, whether your home or building faces north, south, east or west. An experienced central air conditioning service company should be able to accurately measure and analyze your home and guide you towards the correct sized unit.

Q: Will a new air conditioning system save me money on my monthly utility bills?
A: If you need a new air conditioning system, chances are you are currently running a system that is quite old. Many of today’s systems are high efficiency and  have an ENERGY STAR label. Installing Energy Star appliances should result in lower monthly energy bills.

Q: How long will it take to install a new central air conditioning system in my home?
A: The amount of time it takes to install a central air conditioning system in a home varies from one home to another. The total time depends on whether the home already has ductwork installed, the size of the home, the type of air conditioning system, and other factors.

Local air conditioning repair companies are an excellent resource for common questions and answers about home and commercial cooling systems. Call your Denver air conditioning company today for more information.

Can a Handyman Complete Air Conditioning Repairs?

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The answer to the question, “Can a handyman complete air conditioning repairs,” is not as easy to answer as you might originally think. While a handyman might be able to complete air conditioning repairs, it’s advisable that you hire a Denver HVAC contractor to repair or install the central air conditioner in your home. A handyman might have a lot of skills and might be able to fix most things that typically break or need to be replaced in a home. But when it comes to a central air conditioning system or anything related to your home’s HVAC system, it’s important to hire a professional that is specifically trained to work on such a complex piece of equipment.

If you need air conditioning repairs, and you are considering hiring a handyman, make sure to consider the following:

Licensed air conditioner installers are formally trained. Even though a handyman might be able to quickly repair your air conditioning system, a licensed HVAC technician is specifically trained and should be able to provide advice on how to prevent future HVAC problems.

A Denver contractor might charge more, but you can rest assured that the repairs will be completed correctly. Paying a higher fee for air conditioning repairs can be worthwhile if the higher fee means the repairs will be completed correctly the first time.

A handyman does not necessarily have access to the correct tools to complete air conditioning repairs. A Denver HVAC contractor travels from one job to another with a set of tools specifically designed to complete repairs on an air conditioning system. A handyman may not have access to such tools.

If you need additional work completed on your HVAC system, you know who to call. If your air conditioning system needs service or repairs in the future, a handyman might not be available or have the expertise to complete the work. When you use a Denver HVAC contractor to complete your air conditioning repairs, you know that you can call that contractor at any point in the future if you require additional work.

A professional air conditioning contractor can answer all of your HVAC-related questions. Any time you want to know anything about your air conditioning system, a professional HVAC company is the place to call. A handyman might not know the ins and outs of an HVAC system and may not be able to answer all of your questions.

When you hire a professional, you can rest assured that your air conditioning repairs will be completed safely. A professionally-trained and licensed HVAC technician should know how to complete repairs on an air conditioning using all appropriate safety precautions.

It’s important to remember that working on a central air conditioner without proper training or expertise can be dangerous. Also, anyone who attempts to complete air conditioning repairs but is not formally trained can end up causing additional damage to your system. This can ultimately cause the need for more extensive and expensive repairs. To make sure you have your air conditioning repairs done correctly the first time, make sure to schedule an appointment with a Denver HVAC contractor.

A Few Important Facts About Air Conditioning Repair

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One of the most important facts about air conditioning repair that is vital for homeowners to understand is that if you have an air conditioning system, it’s going to need service and repair at some point. Believing that your HVAC system will run indefinitely without any type of maintenance, tune-up or central air conditioner services is not realistic. All appliances, no matter how simple or complex, are not designed to run efficiently forever without the need for either regular or occasional maintenance or repairs. While you might be lucky with your air conditioning system and never experience serious problems, there is a good chance that you will require air conditioning repair at some point.

If you are in need of air conditioning repair, and you are worried about the cost, there are HVAC companies willing to provide a free estimate on air conditioner repair. This can be helpful – especially if you are facing an expensive repair or the need to replace your ac system entirely.

Following is more information about air conditioning repair, how to help reduce the potential need for repair services, and how to keep you ac system in good working order:

An air conditioning system is complex. A central air conditioning system is comprised of several components that all must effectively function together in order for the system to work well. If any piece of an air conditioning system is broken or in need of maintenance, it can affect the overall performance of the system.

Adequate air flow is important. Ensuring that air flows freely through your HVAC system is essential. When a system’s air filter is dirty, it prevents adequate air flow. This can cause your air conditioner to function poorly.

Tune-ups and maintenance can prevent problems. Central air conditioner services companies offer maintenance and service appointments because routine maintenance can help an ac system function efficiently. Additionally, routine maintenance can help eliminate the need for emergency air conditioning repair appointments.

Increasing your indoor air temperature by a degree or two can help alleviate the burden on your air conditioning system. The less hard your air conditioning system has to work, the better. Not only does increasing your indoor air temperature a degree or two help reduce the amount of energy consumed by your household, but it can also help your air conditioner function more efficiently.

Leaky air ducts can be very problematic. If your air conditioning system works well, but the cool air it produces never makes it to the rooms in your home because of leaky air ducts, you have a problem. In this case, air conditioning repair may not help solve the problem. Making sure your air ducts are properly sealed may be the answer.

The need for air conditioning repair is something that may, inevitably, arise in the future. But you can reduce the possibility that you will need central air conditioner services by keeping your system well-maintained. If you feel there is something wrong with your system, call for a free estimate on air conditioner repair so you know how much it will cost to fix the problem before you agree to the work.