Common AC Problems that Warrant an Air Conditioning Services Appointment

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It’s not uncommon for homeowners to want to ignore problems with their air conditioning system. Hiring an air conditioning services company to evaluate your cooling system for issues requires scheduling an appointment and possibly paying the company for a service call. But it’s important to not ignore your need for air conditioner repairs. In many cases, the sooner air conditioning repair is completed, the better. Not only does a well-working system mean you can benefit from cool air inside of your home, but a system that works well often requires less energy to run – which can result in lower monthly energy bills.

If you believe that your air conditioner is not working well, or if you are certain that something is wrong with the system, call an air conditioning services company as soon as possible. Make sure to provide the company with as much information as possible over the phone so the company has a general idea of what might be wrong before an HVAC technician shows up at your home. Air conditioner repairs can range from simple to complex – and it can be highly beneficial to catch problems early so they don’t develop into more serious issues that are more expensive to fix.

Following is a list of some air conditioning problems that can oftentimes be detected by homeowners or individuals living in your home. If any of these issues is present, make sure to call an air conditioning services company for an air conditioning repair appointment.

The air conditioning system won’t turn on. Not turning on is a very good indication that there is something wrong with your air conditioner. This problem probably requires a visit from an air conditioning services company.

The air that comes through the vents smells bad. The air that flows through your air ducts should not smell bad. If it does, it’s important to have a professional HVAC technician evaluate the situation.

The air conditioning system is making loud and unusual noises. All HVAC systems create some degree of noise. If your system is making noises that are louder than normal or different than usual, there might be a problem with your system.

The air produced by the ac system is not cool. An air conditioner is supposed to produce cool air. If the air coming through your vents is warm or hot, this is a sign of a possible problem.

The system seems to be running all the time without taking a break. An efficient air conditioner cycles on and off. If your system seems to run all the time without taking a break, it might need service or ac repairs.

The abovementioned air conditioning problems are usually easy to detect. If it’s difficult to get your home’s indoor air to reach a comfortable temperature even though your air conditioner is running, it may be time to call an air conditioning services company for an appointment. Don’t put off your air conditioner repairs because you think the cost of the repairs will be prohibitively high. In reality, it’s possible that the cost of repairs will be quite reasonable. There is no reason to live with an air conditioning system that does not function well.


Need Central Air Conditioner Repair? Get it done NOW!

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Want to save money on central air conditioner repair? Then get your needed repairs done as soon as possible. Spending money on air conditioner repairs can potentially prevent or halt more serious problems with your system – which might ultimately be more costly to fix.

Air conditioner repair costs can vary from one system model to another. Also, the cost of repairs can differ from one brand of air conditioner to another. Not only must a Denver HVAC company charge homeowners for labor, but the cost of parts must also be added to the equation. Therefore, it’s smart to have you air conditioning system repaired as soon as you notice something is wrong, so that the cost of repairs can be kept as low as possible.

Here are a few explanations as to why it’s a good idea to have central air conditioner repair completed sooner rather than later:

By fixing problems early, it may be possible to prevent additional repairs. An air conditioner that is forced to run when it’s not in optimal condition can be inefficient. Not only can it require more energy to run an air conditioner that is not functioning properly, but the system’s current problems can create additional (and preventable) issues. It’s oftentimes a better idea to schedule central air conditioner repair and have your system fixed before you end up with a system that needs several additional repairs. Air conditioner repair costs can be kept to a minimum when problems are addressed early.

You might as well enjoy central air conditioning while the weather is still hot! If you wait until the end of summer to call a Denver HVAC company for needed central air conditioner repair, you may have to suffer through a hot summer before your air conditioner works properly. Additionally, you might end up spending extra money on electricity in order to have your inefficient air conditioner work harder than necessary. The money you will spend on a higher electricity bill might be the same amount you’d owe a Denver HVAC company for repairs.

When your air conditioner does not work properly, your indoor environment can become humid. Depending on the climate in which you live, it may be important to use your air conditioner to remove excessive humidity from your indoor air. If you do not run your air conditioner because it needs repairs, the indoor air in your home can become humid. Humidity inside of a home can result in the growth of indoor mold and mildew.

If you are putting off needed central air conditioner repair for any reason, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We are a Denver HVAC company that is happy to provide you with an estimate for air conditioner repair costs. If your air conditioning system requires professional attention, we will take a look and provide you with advice and guidance on whether we think you should have the system repaired immediately or if we think you can wait to have your repairs completed at a later date.


Some Air Conditioner Repairs are Simple to Complete

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Nobody wants to learn that they need air conditioner repairs on a hot summer day. As  a homeowner, you want is to come home and be greeted by a nice, cool home. But, unfortunately, there might come a time in which your central air conditioning system does not function properly. When you notice that your air conditioner blows only warm air, or it does not turn on at all, it’s probably time to call a Denver air conditioning company for air conditioner repairs.

Even though you might need to hire a professional company to complete your home air conditioner repair, there might be certain repairs that you can complete yourself. It’s never a good idea to fiddle with a central air conditioning system if you truly have no idea what you are doing. Additionally, if you are not trained in how to complete air conditioner repairs, you might end up causing additional problems that can be expensive or complicated to fix.

Here are examples of basic air conditioner repairs that may be easily completed by you, without the help of a Denver air conditioning repair company:

Changing the air filter. Most homeowners are able to change their HVAC system’s air filter without the help of a professional HVAC technician. If you do not know how to change your air filter, ask your technician to show you. You should be able to complete this task once you are given initial instructions.

Keeping the area around your outdoor air conditioning unit clean. It’s important for an air conditioning unit to have good air flow. It’s entirely possible for a homeowner to monitor the outdoor unit and make sure it is clear of debris and plant growth.

Installing a programmable thermostat. Depending on your technical expertise, it may be possible for you to install a new thermostat. If you have an old thermostat and want to benefit from a more efficient, programmable thermostat, you might be able to install it without the help of a Denver air conditioning company.

Checking the circuit breaker. If your air conditioning system is not working, you might be able to confirm that something is wrong by checking the circuit breaker. You might be able to re-set the circuit breaker, which can cause your air conditioner to start working again. If the problem occurs multiple times, it might require professional home air conditioner repair.

There are certain air conditioner repairs that are simple enough for a homeowner to complete without the help of a professional home air conditioner repair company. If you would like advice on how to complete simple repairs, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We are happy to provide assistance in any way we can. We are also able to step in and help at any time. Our Top Contractors serve homeowners in the entire Denver metropolitan area.

Surprising Ways to Save Money on Central Air Conditioner Repair

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Not using your air conditioner will probably save you money on central air conditioner repair. It may also cause you to save money on your monthly energy bill. But not using your ac is not necessarily a great idea. Unless you can stand the heat, chances are you will want to use your air conditioner on most summer days – especially during the hottest months.

Besides not using your air conditioner at all, there are several things you can do to try and avoid air conditioner repair. To ease the burden on your system, many air conditioner repair companies recommend that you try some of the following:

Set your thermostat a degree or two higher. Any time you increase the temperature on your thermostat, your air conditioner does not have to work as hard to cool your home. If you are able to set your thermostat a degree or two higher, you may be able to reduce your risk of needing central air conditioner repair. Typically, homeowners expect their air conditioner to cool their home on extremely hot days, but this can be a burden on your system which might result in the need for repair.

Use ceiling fans to feel cooler. Even though a ceiling fan does not actually reduce the temperature in your home, it can make the people (and pets) in your home feel cooler while the fan is running. When you feel cooler, you are able to rely less on your air conditioning system. Again, an air conditioner that runs less frequently has a lower chance of requiring emergency central air conditioner repair.

Use natural methods to keep yourself cool. There are several tried and true methods for keeping yourself cool on a hot day – without having to rely on air conditioning. Taking a cool shower, holding an ice pack on your head, and wearing clothes made of light-weight materials will help.

Use an attic fan. If your home has an attic fan, use the fan during the evening to pull cool air into your home. Attic fans are not optimal in all climates, but they can be very helpful in climates with low humidity. An attic fan can oftentimes be used instead of central air conditioning on a cool summer night – which can help ease the burden on your air conditioning system.

Always keep your air conditioning maintained and tuned-up. Almost all air conditioner repair companies recommend that you have your central air conditioner serviced every year. When your air conditioner is maintained, it runs as efficiently as possible. An efficient and well-running air conditioner is at less risk of requiring central air conditioner repair.

When it comes to learning ways to save money on central air conditioner repair, air conditioner repair companies have many tips and tricks they are willing to share with homeowners. For more useful information, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We are happy to share our knowledge with homeowners that want to know more.


Risks of DIY Central Air Conditioner Repair

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If you are considering DIY central air conditioner repair because your system is not working properly, it’s important to realize that you might not be able to diagnose the problem on your own. If you are in need of emergency air conditioner repair, you might wonder if you should try to repair the ac system yourself. But before you do, make sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you capable of taking apart your air conditioning unit and determining exactly what is wrong?
  • Have you successfully completed air conditioner repair in the past?
  • Do you want to risk causing further damage to your air conditioner by taking it apart and not knowing how to put it back together?

If you are thinking about repairing your own air conditioner because you want to save money, it’s important to realize that you can cause extensive damage to your system by trying to fix it yourself. Assuming you are not a certified HVAC technician, it is advisable to call a Wheat Ridge, CO ac repair company instead of trying to repair something as complex as an air conditioning system when you are not completely sure what you are doing.

Many things can go wrong when trying to repair an air conditioner yourself. If you are not a trained air conditioner repair professional, make sure you understand the risks of taking apart this type of system. And remember, cheap air conditioner repair is available and might be worth the cost.

Here are some of the risks associated with trying to repair your own central air conditioner:

  • Electricity can be dangerous. Unless you are a trained professional, it can be dangerous to disassemble or try to repair any type of system that contains an electrical connection.
  • You might cause additional damage. Not fully understanding the inside of an air conditioning system can result in additional damage.
  • The warranty can be voided. Many appliances, such as an air conditioner, come with a warranty. The warranty might be voided if you cause any type of damage while trying to repair the system on your own.
  • You might end up spending more money in the long run. Attempting to repair your air conditioning system on your own might seem like a good way to save money, but many people find that they have to call for emergency air conditioner repair regardless, which can end up costing money.

Even if you think that trying DIY central air conditioner repair will save you time, it’s important to realize that there are risks involved. Some other risks not mentioned above include: not having the proper tools to complete the job, not knowing how to put the system back together after you take it apart, and thinking that you fixed the problem – but you really made the problem worse.

If you are in need of emergency air conditioner repair or cheap air conditioner repair, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We are a Wheat Ridge, CO ac repair company that serves the entire Denver metropolitan area. Our HVAC technicians are Top Contractors and we are able to diagnose central air conditioner repair problems and complete repairs in a timely fashion. Unless you are professionally trained at central air conditioner repair, it’s always a good idea to hire an expert to fix problems with your central air conditioning system.


An Explanation of the Different Types of Air Filters for Your HVAC System

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If you have a central air conditioner installed in your home, hopefully you change the system’s air filter on a regular schedule. Many Denver air conditioner repair companies recommend changing or cleaning your air filter once a month. If you rarely, or never, replace or clean your HVAC system’s air filter, and the existing filter is excessively dirty and full, don’t be surprised if you find yourself in need of emergency air conditioner repair sometime in the future!

Depending on the size, make and model of your central air conditioner, you may have more than one option when it comes to air filters. In fact, when shopping for a replacement air filter, you might be surprised at how many choices exist. Before you head to the hardware store in search of a new air filter for your central air conditioning system, make sure to take note of the exact size of your current filter. You will need to replace the old filter with a new one that is the same size. But when it comes to the type of air filter you wish to purchase, you have a few choices.

What are the most common types of air filters available?

Simple air filters. A simple air filter is a basic air filter. This type of air filter is usually relatively inexpensive and made with either fiberglass or polyester. Not known as the most effective air filter on the market, a simple air filter does an adequate job and is absolutely better than no air filter at all!

Pleated air filters. A bit more expensive than a simple air filter, a pleated air filter does a better job at catching dust and various particles flying through your home’s air. Pleated air filters can last longer than simple air filters, so may be worth the higher cost.

Washable air filters. Many homeowners purchase washable air filters because they think this type is more environmentally friendly. But make sure to watch out for the growth of mold on your filter.

High Efficiency air filters. A high efficiency air filter is thick and does an excellent job of filtering the air. If anyone living in your home suffers from respiratory issues, this type of air filter might be helpful.

Replacing the air filter in your central air conditioning system should be a relatively straightforward and simple task. But there are some homeowners who have trouble with their air filter and require professional assistance. If you would like a Denver air conditioner repair company to help you replace your HVAC system’s air filter, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We always stress the importance of clean air filters, and we are happy to provide any homeowner in the Denver Metropolitan area with air filter assistance or emergency air conditioner repair seven days a week. Selecting the right air filter for your home’s HVAC system can be tricks. Most people have quite a few questions about which type of air filter is best.

Breaking Bad Habits Can Help Your Air Conditioning System

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Bad habits can be hard to break. But with a little bit of effort, bad habits can be overcome! Many people have bad habits when it comes to the way in which they operate and maintain their central air conditioning system. And the biggest problem of all is that many homeowners don’t even realize that some of their bad air conditioning habits can be easily corrected.

When it comes to air conditioning, bad habits can lead to a higher monthly electric bill, an air conditioning system that runs inefficiently, and excessive central air conditioner repairs. Rheem Pro Partner, which is a Thornton, Co ac repair company that serves the entire Denver metropolitan area, has witnessed the effects of bad habits on an HVAC system. Unfortunately, air conditioner repair can often be avoided by breaking bad habits.

Following are some of the most common bad habits that relate to central air conditioning:

The windows and doors are left open while the air conditioner is running. Leaving the windows and doors open on a very hot day while trying to cool your home with a central air conditioning system simply does not work. Not only is it inefficient, but it can also cause your air conditioner to overheat and require emergency air conditioning repair.

The air filter in the HVAC system is rarely (or never) cleaned or replaced. The air filter in an HVAC system should be replaced or cleaned once a month. Avoiding this task is a bad habit that can lead to serious problems with your air conditioning system.

A yearly maintenance check-up is rarely (or never) scheduled. It’s quick and easy to schedule a yearly maintenance appointment with Rheem Pro Partner. Maintenance appointments are available seven days a week, and can prevent the need for ac repair during the hottest months of the year.

The air conditioning system is kept running at full force all day long – even when nobody is home. There is no need to leave your air conditioning system running at full force when nobody will be home for several hours – unless there are pets living in the home that require a specific temperature. Over-running your ac system can lead to an excessive energy bill and problems with your unit.

Problems with the air conditioner are ignored. If you need HVAC repairs, don’t delay. Attempting to run an air conditioning system while it is broken can lead to more serious problems.

When it comes to bad habits and central air conditioning systems, many homeowners are guilty. Luckily, it can be very easy to reverse bad habits that involve your home’s cooling system. Rheem Pro Partner is always available to help you learn better and more efficient ways to run your ac unit. We are a Thornton, CO ac repair company, and we travel to homes across the entire Denver metropolitan area, and also Boulder and Colorado Springs. Give us a call today to schedule a maintenance appointment as well as a consultation on how to efficiently run your HVAC system.

Possible Reasons Your Air Conditioning Bill is Higher Than Normal

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Possible Reasons Your Air Conditioning Bill is Higher Than Normal

Have you noticed that your monthly energy bill gets higher and higher each summer? The reason for the rise might be related to an increase cost of electricity. But it might also be related to the condition of your air conditioner. If your Greenwood Village, CO air conditioner is in need of repairs, the result might be an increase in the amount of energy your home consumes. This can directly relate to the dollar amount of your energy bill each month.

If you cannot live without your central air conditioner during the hot summer, and you are concerned about air conditioner repair costs, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We offer free estimates on all types of air conditioner repairs. Our prices are fair, our contractors are top-notch, and we are able to provide trustworthy and reliable advice.

There are several reasons that your central air conditioning system might cause an unusually high energy bill, including:

The home’s air ducts are either blocked, clogged or covered. In order to function efficiently, all air ducts within a home should be open and unblocked. This allows for the best air circulation throughout your home. When air ducts or return air vents are blocked or covered, the home’s air conditioning system must work harder to circulate cool air. This can result in unusually high energy bills during the summer months. Most air conditioner repair companies advise against closing air vents or placing furniture on top of return air returns in order to prevent air circulation problems.

The air conditioning system is old and unable to keep up with cool temperature demands. A central air conditioning system typically lasts for up to 20 years. It may be possible to keep an air conditioner running much longer than two decades, but old systems can have a harder time meeting the cool temperature demands of homeowners with each passing year. If your system is on the older side, it may be cost effective to have a new, more efficient central air conditioning system installed.

Other appliances are in-use throughout the day on hot summer days. When other appliances, such as stoves, ovens, dishwashers, clothes washers and clothes dryers run during the hot daytime hours, they can cause the internal temperature of your home to rise. When the inside temperature rises, your central air conditioner must work extra hard to cool the inside air. Many air conditioner repair companies advise against using appliances during the day in order to alleviate this problem.

There are several other possible reasons for higher than normal energy bills during the summer, including: poor insulation, setting your thermostat too low, the central air conditioning unit is not the proper size for the home, the ac system’s air filter is dirty, and more.

For advice and proper guidance on how to lower your monthly energy bill during the summer, contact Rheem Pro Partner today. We are a Greenwood Village, CO ac repair company that specializes in all issues related to heating, ventilation and cooling. Our elite HVAC technicians are available and at your service seven days a week!


How to Know When You Should Replace Your Water Heater

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How to Know When You Should Replace Your Water Heater

All appliances, including water heaters, have a lifespan. While a water heater might last up to two decades, it will certainly not last forever. A well-maintained heater has the best chance of lasting the longest period of time. This is why it’s important to schedule a maintenance appointment with a Denver water heater company once a year. It may be possible to extend the life of your heater by keeping up with needed repairs.

It can be difficult to determine an optimal time to replace your heater. While water heater repairs can extend the life of your heater, there will undoubtedly reach a point in time when it must be replaced entirely. When a heater must be replaced, many things will have to be taken into consideration. For example: Do you want to replace the old heater with a new heater of the same size? Do you want to opt for a tankless heater? What brand and model heater will best suit the needs of your household?

Following are some of the most common signs that your hot water heater may have to be replaced in the near future:

Your water is warm instead of hot. If you’ve noticed that the water coming out of your faucet is warm instead of hot, this is a sign that your heater might need repairs. A water heater technician might be able to fix the problem, or a complete replacement might be in order.

Repairs are a common occurrence. If you find yourself calling a Denver water heater repair company every few months – or more than once a year – this might be a sign that it’s time to think about replacing your heater. Repairs cost money, and when you add up the cost of repeated visits from a repair company, it might be more cost efficient to simply replace the system.

The heater is more than 20 years old. A heater has a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years. If yours is more than 20 years old, you can expect that it might be on its last legs.

Your water is a brownish or yellowish color. If your hot water seems to have a brownish or yellowish tint, it might mean that the water tank is rusted. Make sure to call a repair company as soon as you notice anything amiss with the color of your water.

There is a puddle of water underneath your heater tank. If there is a puddle of water under your tank, that is a good indication that the heater is leaking. A problem such as this usually requires a visit from a repair company.

If you are unsure of the status of your heater, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We are a Denver-area water heater company, and we sell and install tankless, commercial, electric and gas heaters. No matter what type of assistance you need with your heater, Rheem Pro Partner is here to help! We are a repair company known throughout Colorado for our honesty and knowledge.


Help Prevent Air Conditioner Problems by Naturally Purifying Your Indoor Air

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If your indoor air is filled with pollutants, your air conditioning system might suffer as a result. When air circulates throughout your home while your air conditioning is running, the air travels through your home’s air vents. The air makes its way to your HVAC system, and through the system’s air filter. When the air inside of your home is dirty or polluted, your air conditioning system can suffer the consequences. By keeping the air inside of your home as pure as possible, you can help prevent air conditioner problems.

There are many techniques you can follow to help naturally purify your indoor air. Rheem Pro Partner, which is an ac repair company that serves Northglenn, CO and the entire Denver metropolitan area recommends the following:

Keep houseplants strategically placed throughout your home. There are several types of houseplants that are known for their ability to help reduce air pollution. The NASA Clean Air Study lists many of the most well-known air filtering plants. The list was compiled in 1989 as part of a study that was conducted to determine ways to clean the air in space stations. Many of the plants on the list are easy to keep in a home.

Use good air filters in your HVAC system. There are basic air filters that can work very well to clean the air in your home, but there are also filters that are extra efficient. HEPA filters can cost a bit more than basic air filters, but they can do an excellent job of cleaning your indoor air and removing pollutants that may lurk in your home.

Avoid cleaning products that contaminate the air. Certain cleaning solutions and products can cause your indoor air to become polluted. It’s always advisable to use all-natural cleaning products in your home, and avoid cleaning products that contain toxic ingredients.

Remove shoes, jackets and contaminated clothing before entering your home. If your shoes, jacket or clothes are covered in pollutants, make sure to remove those items before entering your home. The pollutants can easily fly off of shoes and clothes and into the air inside of your home. Despite the fact that you might not be able to see tiny particles, they can easily pollute your indoor air.

On high-allergy days, keep your windows closed. Even though the outdoor temperature might be pleasant and cool, keep your windows closed on high-allergy days. When pollens are high, particles can easily float into your home through open windows or doors. Once inside, the particles travel through your HVAC system when it’s running.

If it’s smoky outside, seal your house. In many geographic locations, wildfires are not uncommon. On days when fires are nearby, make sure to keep your windows and doors sealed unless you have to go outside. Removing the smell of smoke from a home can be hard on your HVAC system.

Air conditioner repairs can be inconvenient. Help your air conditioner stay in good condition by keeping your indoor air as pollution-free as possible. For more information on how to keep the air inside of your home as pollution-free as possible, contact your Northglenn, CO ac repair company today. Rheem Pro Partner is at your service seven days a week.