How to Use Your Air Conditioner to Cool Your Home on 100 Degree Days

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If you live in Cherry Hills Village, CO or anywhere in the Denver metropolitan area, you are certainly aware of the highly desirable climate in the state of Colorado. But just because residents of Colorado are able to enjoy pleasant weather on most days of the year, that does not mean areas of the state do not endure periods of extremely hot weather during the summer.  Requiring air conditioner repair.

While Colorado might not experience the same type of heat wave that is common in certain areas of the country, the heat in Colorado during the summer can reach unbearable levels. On days in which your central air conditioning system must cool your home when it’s close to 100 degrees outside, you might notice that your ac system has to work extra hard. But don’t worry. There are plenty of air conditioner repair companies in Cherry Hills Village, CO and throughout Colorado that are available to assist anyone in need of central air conditioner repair on a very hot day.

It’s important to help your air conditioning system achieve an optimal indoor air temperature when the temperature outdoors is very hot. There are several things you can do to make it easier for your system to cool your home, including:

Close your windows and doors. When you open your windows and doors on a very hot day, you allow hot air to enter your home and cool air to escape into the outdoors. It’s very difficult for your air conditioning system to compete with hot air that is allowed to infiltrate your home through open windows and doors when it’s close to 100 degrees outside.

Set your thermostat on the highest temperature possible. While you don’t want to sacrifice your comfort, it’s easier on your air conditioning system when you set your thermostat on a temperature such as 77 or 78 degrees rather than 71 or 72 degrees.

Keep window shades or curtains closed during the day. It’s important to do everything you can to keep the interior of your home as cool as possible on a very hot day. By keeping the windows covered, the interior of your home should remain cooler than it would if the sun was shining directly through the windows.

Refrain from using the stove and oven. When it’s hot outside, the last thing you should do is use your stove or oven. These appliances can cause the inside temperature of your home to rise – and it’s difficult for an air conditioning system to combat this type of heat.

Remember that a bigger air conditioning system is not necessarily the best way to achieve a nice, cool home on a hot day. Many air conditioner repair companies advise homeowners to adhere to a regular air conditioning tune-up and maintenance schedule. Additionally, central air conditioner repairs should be completed as soon as you realize there might be something amiss with your system. Make sure to give Rheem Pro Partner a call to schedule an appointment for air conditioning service or repair. We serve Cherry Hills Village, CO as well as the entire Denver metro area.

US News & World Report Describes How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Repair

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Want to know more about central air conditioner repair and central air conditioning repair costs? Look no further. The U.S. News and World Report recently published an online article that covers this very topic in depth. The article, titled 4 Air Conditioning Terms that Could Save You Thousands was written to help readers gain knowledge that will help them cut the cost of cooling a home with a central air conditioning system.

The article discusses the fact that most homeowners ignore their central air conditioning systems, yet they expect their systems to function properly. Then, when the system breaks, homeowners want them repaired immediately, and inexpensively. Rheem Pro Partner, an ac repair company that serves homeowners in Lone Tree, CO as well as the entire Denver Metropolitan area believes that knowledge is power when it comes to air conditioning.

The more you know about air conditioner units and HVAC systems, the better equipped you will be to handle problems that may arise with your current system. If you are in the market for a brand new air conditioning system, understanding the lingo associated with central air conditioning systems will help you make a more informed buying decision.

The U.S. News & World Report article discusses the following four air conditioning terms, which the article says may help homeowners save thousands of dollars the next time they purchase a brand new ac system: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), Modulation, Humidity and Heat Pump.

More information about the four abovementioned terms includes:

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: This term is often referred to as SEER. A SEER rating can help you determine how efficient an air conditioning system is. A higher SEER rating means the system is designed to be more efficient. A Lone Tree, Co ac repair company should be able to explain SEER in more detail during your next central air conditioner repair appointment.

Modulation: An air conditioning system with modulation can cost less to run. Modulation is also referred to as variable-speed, and ac systems with this feature are able to adjust the amount of energy they use while running.

Humidity: In many parts of the United States, humidity is a true concern. An air conditioning system that is designed to control the humidity inside of a home or building will result in a higher level of comfort.

Heat Pump: Known as an efficient mechanism for transferring heat, a heat pump has the ability to extract heat from indoor air and release it outside. There are several types of heat pumps, so make sure to ask your central air conditioner repair company for more details.

The U.S. News & World Report article states that many of the central air conditioning systems installed in today’s homes could be running more efficiently if they were serviced and maintained. Therefore, it’s extremely important to have your central air conditioner tuned-up each year by a Lone Tree, CO ac repair company. Rheem Pro Partner is available for service calls seven days a week, and we make sure your air conditioning system is always running as efficiently as possible.

What to do When Your Air Conditioner Needs Expensive Repairs

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Any time your central air conditioning system is not functioning properly, you must worry about the cost of repairs. When an air conditioner repair company visits your home and provides you with a price quote for repairs, you must make a decision on whether to repair the system or purchase a new one. In many cases, repairs can be completed for less than the cost of a new system, but that does not mean the repairs will not be expensive.

If you are facing expensive air conditioner repair costs, there are several factors to consider before making a decision on what to do. Even though the cost of purchasing and installing a brand new air conditioner might be more expensive than repairs, the extra cost might be worthwhile. However, the cost of air conditioner repair vs. the cost of a new system might be significant.

When expensive air conditioner repair costs are necessary, make sure to consider the following:

Is your current air conditioning system new or old? If your current air conditioning system is the one that was originally installed in your home when it was built, the system might be antiquated. If your home is more than 20 years old, it might be time to consider replacing your air conditioner as opposed to paying for air conditioner repair. Your Highlands Ranch, CO air conditioner repair company should be able to assess your current system and provide you with an approximate year of original installation.

Do you find yourself calling for Highlands Ranch, CO air conditioner repairs frequently? If you must call your air conditioner repair company more than one time each summer, your system may be on its last legs. Instead on continuously paying for air conditioner repairs year after year, consider the cost of a new system. The collective cost of your air conditioner repairs might be more than it would cost to purchase and install a new, more efficient air conditioning unit.

Are you monthly energy bills increasing year over year during the hottest months of the year? If you’ve noticed that your energy bill is consistently rising year after year, it might be because your air conditioner is in need of repair. If you add the expense of extra energy cost with the cost of air conditioner repairs, it might make sense to spend the money on a new system – which can result in lower energy bills and eliminate the need for frequent air conditioner repairs.

The need to pay for repeated air conditioner repairs can get frustrating. One way to combat the cost of air conditioner repairs is to purchase an HVAC service and protection plan. Many plans help cover the cost of air conditioner maintenance and certain repairs. Additionally, a new air conditioning system can be more efficient and allow you to maintain a more consistent temperature in your home. For more information about your options when you are facing expensive air conditioner repairs, call Rheem Pro Partner. We are a Highlands Ranch, CO air conditioner repair company that is looking out for your best interests.


Reducing Your Hot Water Heating Costs and Preventing Emergency Hot Water Heater Repair

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Water Heater Repair

If someone told you that saving money on your hot water heating costs can be accomplished by following a few simple tips, would you be interested in learning more? How about tips on how to prevent the need for water heater repair? If you would like to know more about reducing your water heating costs and preventing the need for water heater repair, read the below information for important information that describes how to easily lower your water heating costs (which can, in turn, reduce the chances that your water heater will need repair).

Tips on how to reduce your hot water heating costs:

Insulate your water heater. Your water heater repair company should be able to offer you suggestions on the best possible insulation method for your water heater. According to, hot water heater insulation “could reduce standby heat losses by 25%–45% and save you about 4%–9% in water heating costs—and should pay for itself in about a year. You can find pre-cut jackets or blankets available from around $20.”

Turn off your water heater if you go out of town for more than a few days. There is no reason to keep a full supply of hot water in your hot water tank if nobody is going to be around to use it. It requires energy to keep the water hot, which can result in a higher monthly utility bill. If you feel comfortable turning your water heater on and off, this is something that you can do yourself. If you’d rather have a water heater repair company or a furnace repair company complete this task for you, make sure to schedule an appointment for the day you’re planning to leave town, and the day you are going to return home.

Lower the thermostat on your water heater by a degree or two. It’s possible to lower your monthly heating costs by lowering the temperature of the water in your heater. You may not notice the difference if you lower the temperature by a slight amount.

Consider a tankless water heater. If you are at the point where your water heater is near the end of its life and you are thinking about a replacement, make sure to consider a tankless hot water heating system. A tankless system is energy efficient because it does not require a tank that keeps water hot and ready for use 24 hours a day. This type of system is also desirable because it provides an endless supply of hot water to a home – which means hot water is always available for showers, dish washers and washing machines.

A water heater that is well-maintained often requires fewer visits from a water heater repair technician. Many furnace repair companies offer water heater maintenance services, and homeowners often schedule their yearly water heater maintenance and HVAC maintenance on the same day and with the same company – which helps make maintaining your systems much more convenient.

Maintaining Your Whole House Humidifier During the Summer

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Whole House Humidifier

If you are thinking about whole house humidifier installation and you are in the process of learning how to install a whole house humidifier, it’s important to understand the maintenance requirements of this type of system. A humidifier that is designed to add moisture to your household’s interior air can be beneficial to the health of everyone living in your home. It can also help protect your wood furniture and your hardwood floors from cracks that can be caused by dry air.

Whole house humidifiers can be very beneficial during cold and dry months. But depending on the climate in which you live, the system should usually be shut down during more humid summer months. This is because excessive moisture and humidity in your home can lead to the growth of mold within the system – which can obviously lead to negative effects all around.

When seasons change and outdoor weather becomes warm, this should be a signal that it’s time to shut down your whole house humidifier for the next several months. But for best results, it’s important to make sure it’s shut down properly. A proper shut down will ensure that the humidifier does not have the opportunity to become contaminated with mold during the hottest months of the year.

Steps to shutting down your whole house humidifier during the summer:

  1. Make sure your whole house humidifier is turned off.
  2. Locate the water supply to the humidifier and turn it off.
  3. If the system has a duct damper, close it.

The steps to shutting off a humidifier are relatively straightforward. In fact, if you are able to figure out how to install a whole house humidifier, you should have no problem shutting down the humidifier for the summer.

Any homeowner that requires assistance with whole house humidifier maintenance should contact a local HVAC company that has technicians experienced in whole house humidifier installation. Because shutting down a humidifier for the summer months does not usually require extensive work, the company you hire for this job should charge you a reasonable fee for this service.

Did you forget to turn off your whole house humidifier last summer?
It’s not uncommon for homeowners to forget to turn off their whole house humidifier at the beginning of spring or summer. If you forgot to turn off your system last year, don’t worry. It’s probably fine. But this year, make sure to disconnect the system so that it doesn’t have the opportunity to grow mold or add unwanted humidity to your home on days when outdoor humidity is already high. Again, if you would like help shutting your system down for the summer, simply call an HVAC company that is knowledgeable about whole house humidifier installation.

If you shut down your whole house humidifier for the summer and the interior of your home still feels unusually humid – despite the fact that your central air conditioning system runs round-the-clock, there might be a problem with the humidifier or something wrong with your air conditioner. Make sure to have the situation checked out before serious problems have the opportunity to develop.

How to Prevent the Need for Expensive Air Conditioner Repair

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Want to spend a large amount of money on air conditioner repairs this year? Of course you don’t! Nobody does. So, how can you prevent the need for air conditioner repair at the beginning of summer this year? There are several things you can do to help ensure your air conditioning system is in tip-top condition – which will consequently reduce the probability that you will have to call an air conditioner repair company.

Before we talk about preventing the need for air conditioner repair, let’s talk about some of the most common air conditioning problems that many homeowners experience each year:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Leaking Refrigerant
  • Dirty Coils
  • Clogged Drain Lines
  • Broken thermostat

Attempting to run your air conditioning system when it is not in perfect condition can cause the system to 1) not produce cool air, or 2) develop additional problems that are expensive to repair.

Proper Maintenance is the Key to a Working Air Conditioning System
We always recommend that all homeowners have their air conditioning systems cleaned and maintained at least one time per year. This involves having an air conditioner repair company visit your home to inspect your unit. The air conditioner technician who comes to your house will clean and examine your air conditioning unit. Not only will the technician make sure your air conditioner is in proper working order, but you will also be advised on any impending problems with the system.

Spend a Little Now, Save a Lot Later
If you neglect your air conditioning system and attempt to run it continuously during the hot summer months when it is not functioning properly, the situation can lead to more extensive problems. A basic maintenance service call from an air conditioner repair company can be quite inexpensive compared to the cost of replacing an entire system. Additionally, attempting to run an air conditioning system that is not functioning well can lead to over-running the system. This can result in an extremely high energy bill – which may cost more than a maintenance call from an air conditioner repair company!

Notice Problems? Call Now!
It’s always a good idea to test your air conditioning system when the weather is warm, but not blazing hot. If you sense that the system is not working properly, or if it does not turn on at all, call an air conditioner repair company as soon as possible. It can be difficult to find a company to visit your home and make air conditioner repairs on the hottest day of the year. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to wait until unbearable heat strikes before they begin to think about their air conditioning system. When you rely on your air conditioner for indoor comfort during the summer, it’s important to remember that your system cannot function well if it is not properly maintained. Preventative maintenance will help alleviate the possibility of expensive air conditioner repairs.

Should You Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

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Indoor air can get polluted with dust, allergens, and other small particles. If you are concerned about your indoor air quality, you might benefit from having your air ducts cleaned. Having your air ducts professionally cleaned may make a difference in the overall quality of your indoor air. And, cleaning your air ducts may also help your HVAC system function more efficiently.

When it comes to air duct cleaning, homeowners often have many questions. Here are a few of the most common:

Does a professional air duct cleaning really make a difference?
A professional air duct cleaning can benefit you in more than one way. First, the cleaning will remove dust, debris and other pollutants from your air duct system. This can be beneficial to anyone living in the home who suffers from allergies, has breathing problems, or is sensitive to pollutants. Second, clean air ducts can result in a more efficient HVAC system. When your home’s ventilation system is clean, it can function more efficiently – which may ultimately save you money on your monthly energy bill.
How often should I have my air ducts cleaned?
Unless you are in the midst of a home renovation project or you live in an area with extremely high pollution, you should not need to clean your air ducts more than once a year. In fact, after your air ducts are professionally cleaned, you may not need another thorough cleaning for several years. For advice on how often you should have your air ducts cleaned, make sure to ask your air conditioner repair company. If the air conditioner company does not offer air duct cleaning services, they should be able to provide you with the name of a reputable company to call.
Can I clean the air ducts in my home myself?
Many homeowners wonder if they can clean their home’s air ducts with their own vacuum cleaner. In reality, it is practically impossible to clean an air duct system with a regular vacuum. Air duct cleaning companies use special equipment that is designed to specifically clean air ducts. As a homeowner, one of the best things you can do to prevent pollutants from infiltrating your air ducts is regularly change your HVAC system’s air filters.

Is a professional air duct cleaning expensive?
The cost of air duct cleaning services varies. Factors that are taken into consideration when an air duct cleaning company provides you with a quote include the number of air ducts in your home, the age of your home, the length of time since the air ducts were last cleaned, the current condition of the air ducts, and more. It is advisable to get a quote from more than one air duct cleaning company to make sure you are getting a fair price quote.

For more information about air duct cleaning, and for advice on whether you should have your air ducts professionally cleaned, make sure to discuss the matter with your air conditioner repair company. There are several good reasons to have your air ducts cleaned, and your HVAC system might benefit from a one-time or recurring air duct-cleaning schedule.

How to Keep Indoor Air Quality As Fresh as Possible

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The air quality inside of your home is important. Excellent indoor air quality can promote a healthy lifestyle. When your indoor air is polluted, health issues can develop. Many people believe that since they cannot see pollutants in their indoor air, the air must be clean. However, indoor air can carry particles that are invisible to the human eye, but can be unhealthy for a person’s lungs.

If you regularly utilize your home’s central air conditioning system, the system hopefully does a good job of filtering your indoor air. If your system is in need of air conditioner repair service, make sure to call a company that will restore your system to good working order.

Besides relying on your air conditioning system to help purify your indoor air, here are a few other ideas on how to improve the quality of your indoor environment:

Install a whole house humidifier. Adding a whole house humidifier is a great way to ensure your home is at an optimal humidity level at all times. Whole house humidifiers are not effective in all climates, but they work very well in many parts of the country. When a home’s indoor air is kept at an optimal level, the air is less dusty.

Replace your HVAC system’s air filter on a regular basis. If you do not regularly replace your HVAC system’s air filter, the filter is probably too dirty to catch particles that circulate through the system when it is running. For more information on how and when to replace your system’s air filter, make sure to ask your air conditioner repair company for advice. In general, air filters should be changed once a month for HVAC systems that run frequently. In some cases, air filters should be changed every two or three months.

Clean, dust and vacuum your house regularly – especially if you have pets. The last thing you want floating through the air inside of your home are dust mites, hair, skin dander, and other particles that are known to cause allergic reactions and breathing problems in people. Cleaning your home regularly is essential to promoting a healthy interior environment.

Make sure your HVAC system is serviced regularly. Schedule an appointment with an air conditioner repair service company at least once a year. Have your HVAC system thoroughly cleaned and serviced. This will help your system function more efficiently, which should result in cleaner air inside of your home.

Have your air ducts cleaned. The air ducts in your home can collect dust and other types of small debris. Every time air is forced through the ducts when your heating system or air conditioning system runs, those particles are stirred up and pushed through your air vents. This can lead to polluted indoor air.

Remember: Pollution exists in outdoor air and indoor air. For more information on how to purify the air that exists inside of your home, ask your air conditioner repair company for advice on how to create an indoor environment that promotes healthy air.

Avoid Problems With your Air Conditioner and Furnace During Home Construction Projects

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If you are about to begin a home remodeling project, congratulations! You are probably very excited to get the project started. But before you or your contractor start tearing down walls, drilling holes, or sanding wood floors, make sure to prepare your home’s HVAC system for all of the dust and debris that will inevitably be airborne in your home for the duration of your remodeling project.

There’s little debate that a home remodeling project creates a lot of dust. The dust that is generated by a remodeling project flies through the air and eventually settles on a surface. That surface might be a bookshelf, a table, a chair, or your carpet. But some of the dust will inevitably end up in your home’s air ducts and within your home’s furnace and/or air conditioning system. Excessive dust that results from a home remodeling project can cause damage to your home’s HVAC system. This is why it’s important to prepare your HVAC system before your project begins. You will want to do everything possible to avoid the need for air conditioner repair or emergency furnace repair that can result from construction dust and debris.

How to avoid problems with your air conditioner and furnace during a home construction project:

Cover the air vents in rooms where construction is taking place. If possible, cover all air vents so that dust and debris cannot seep into the vents. Dust and debris inside of air vents may eventually make its way into your HVAC system. It will likely get caught by your system’s air filter, but the filter will quickly become full and ineffective. This can lead to damage to your HVAC system.

Even if you block air vents in rooms where construction is taking place, change your air filters frequently. No matter how hard you try, dust and debris is likely to make its way to your furnace filter. By changing the air filter more often than normal, it will help ensure the air filter does not restrict proper air flow.

Use your vacuum or a shop vac every day. If the construction project is causing a significant amount of dirt and dust, make sure to clear the debris as often as possible.

Get your air ducts cleaned after the project is complete. Once your home remodeling project is officially complete, you might want to hire an air duct cleaning service to clear all remaining debris from your air ducts. This is a great way to ensure there is no lingering dirt or dust.

Home remodeling projects can be dirty and dusty. Don’t let all of that dirt and dust make its way into your home’s HVAC system. To avoid the need for air conditioner repair or emergency furnace repair, plan in advance. By following the tips mentioned above, you will have a great chance of saving your HVAC system from the risk of costly damage

What is a Whole House Humidifier and will it benefit me?

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Do you have questions about installing a whole house humidifier on your furnace? There are many benefits to a whole house humidifier installation. Homeowners are often intrigued about the concept of installing a humidifier on their furnace, but they also have many questions about how the system works. Whole house humidifier installation is actually quite simple, and we are here to make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision about adding one to your home.

Here are some of the most common questions and answers regarding installing a whole house humidifier:

Q: Why is a whole house humidifier more effective than a portable humidifier that is designed to work in a single room?
A: There is absolutely nothing wrong with a portable humidifier. In fact, small humidifiers tend to do a great job. However, a portable humidifier does not have the capability of adding humidity more than one or two rooms at a time. Also, a portable humidifier must be constantly monitored and refilled with water. A whole house humidifier is installed on your furnace and is designed to provide humidity to your entire house. When you install a whole house humidifier, you do not have to worry about monitoring it or constantly re-filling it with water.

Q: How does a whole house humidifier obtain the water it needs?
A: When installing a whole house humidifier, the system is connected to your home’s water supply. When the system needs water, it automatically draws it.

Q: Is it difficult to maintain a whole house humidifier?
A: Absolutely not. Once you understand how to install a whole house humidifier, the system it runs virtually maintenance-free. The humidifier is designed to replenish itself with water that it draws from your home’s water supply, so there is no need to make sure it’s full – which is something that is required with a portable humidifier.

Q: Is a whole house humidifier expensive to run?
A: No, a whole house humidifier is not expensive to run. It utilizes a minimal amount of water, and it runs in conjunction with your home’s HVAC system and your heating ducts.

Q: What are some of the biggest benefits of installing a humidifier on my furnace?
A: There are quite a few benefits associated with a whole house humidifier installation. For example, a whole house humidifier helps relieve dry skin, dry noses and sore throats. Also, when your home’s air contains more humidity, the incidence of static electricity shocks are reduced. Additionally, a certain level of humidity in a home helps preserve hardwood floors, wood furniture, and paint.

There are plenty of reasons to consider installing a whole house humidifier. Installing a humidifier on your furnace is something that can be accomplished on your own, or with the help of an HVAC professional. A whole house humidifier is a cost-effective way to add humidity to your home without having to worry about constantly refilling and moving a portable humidifier.