These Instructions in PDF format

Regardless of whether or not we remember our dreams, we experience them nearly every time we sleep for more than just a few minutes. According to sleep researchers, we generally move in and out of dream experience in cycles of approximately ninety minutes. This dreaming experience is correlated with Rapid Eye Movement (REM) as our eyes physically move as if watching the images in our dreams.

Lucid dreams are those where one's normal, everyday consciousness is aware of the fact that one is dreaming. It is like being "awake" in a dream, where it becomes possible to experience events and conditions which are not normally available in our physical experience. For example, it is possible to fly in dreams, to walk through walls -- to deliberately create any environment or conditions one can imagine. It is also possible for more than one physically alive person to share the same lucid dream experience (shared dreams).

Most people have experienced a lucid dream at least once in their lives, and many have the experience regularly. The primary difficulty in achieving lucidity in dreams is related to the fact that our ego consciousness has a separate memory system from our dreaming consciousness. When we tell ourselves we want to experience a lucid dream, we generally forget about that soon after falling asleep.

The recordings presented here are designed to remind the sleeping listener of the desire to become lucid while dreaming, and also to remind oneself to perform a particular activity the moment one realizes a lucid dream is occurring.

One needs to perform a deliberate, conscious action in a dream in order to take conscious control of the dream experience. Otherwise you may simply tell yourself, "Oh, I'm dreaming," and end up continuing to dream as usual. As don Juan suggests in the books by Carlos Castaneda, looking at your hands can be an effective action to perform. Your hands will always be there, and you can stabilize your dream environment by looking at your hands, then at some object in the environment, back at your hands, to an object, etc., until you can hold your dream world in steady focus.

The recordings presented here consist of two files in mp3 format. The first is a unique tone, and the other is 5 minutes of silence. They are arranged by the user so that the tone is heard after a long period of silence. The unique tone serves to remind the dreamer to look for one's hands (or perform some other predetermined action) within the dream environment, and thus initiate the lucid dream experience.

If playback will occur on a computer, the tone is set to play at the beginning and followed by 90 minutes of silence. This is accomplished by listing the "silence" file 18 times in your play list after the "tone" file. If playback will be from a CD player after burning the files to disk, the maximum time is either 74 or 80 minutes, depending on the CD player. To play it safe, use 70 minutes of silence for playback from a CD player. (70 minutes means listing the "silence" file 14 times after the "tone" file. The tone could theoretically be placed anywhere among the silent flies, but putting it at the beginning will allow you to adjust the volume before you go to bed.

After you have created your play list (or burned the CD) the first step is to play the tone several times, telling yourself that whenever you hear that sound should look for your hands within the dream environment. Once you are clear about what to do when you hear the sound, simply set the "repeat" function on your playback system and let the recordings play repeatedly while you sleep. You will wake up momentarily when the tone is heard, but you should only reach a half-awake state most of the time, when the suggestion to look for your hands will be most effective.

It's possible for results to occur on your first attempt, though an expectation of somewhere within 30 days may be a more reasonable estimate for most people.

Computer playback: 1 tone file followed by 18 silence files.

CD playback: 1 tone file followed by 14 silence files.

You can make the necessary files yourself, or download them here from the Stuff page for $5.

These Instructions in PDF format

For more detailed information, see "Adventures in Dreamland" in the book, Instant Enlightenment: Metaphysical Fast Food by Koda.