How to Use a Ceiling Fan to Your Advantage This Summer

Believe it or not, there is a right and a wrong way to use your ceiling fan during the summer. If your goal is to use a ceiling fan to help you feel cool when you are in a warm room, make sure the fan blades are spinning in a counter-clockwise rotation. (Conversely, a ceiling fan’s blades should be adjusted to spin in a clockwise rotation during the winter, which circulates the warm air that collects near the ceiling down into the rest of the room.)

Tips on How to Effectively Use a Ceiling Fan During the Summer
Besides making sure your ceiling fan is rotating in the proper direction for the summer, there are other ways that a ceiling fan can be used to your advantage, including:

  • Keep your energy costs down with the help of a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan in every room can reduce your monthly energy cost and also reduce the possibility of needing emergency air conditioner repair during the summer. While a ceiling fan does not actually reduce the temperature in a room, it can cause the people in the room to feel cooler. This is a result of a wind chill effect. When people feel cooler inside of a home, the thermostat can be set a degree or two higher¬† – which can result in energy savings. Also, when less burden is place on an air conditioning system, there is a lower chance of the system breaking and requiring emergency air conditioner repair.
  • Don’t run a ceiling fan when nobody is in the room. As mentioned above, a ceiling fan does not actually reduce the temperature of the air in a room. A ceiling fan produces a wind chill effect that can cause you to feel cool. Therefore, there is no benefit to running a ceiling fan in an empty room – unless you need it for air circulation purposes. Running a ceiling fan in an empty room simply uses energy and does not provide any real benefit in terms of lowering the temperature of the room.
  • Install ceiling fans in outdoor areas such as covered patios. A ceiling fan installed in an outdoor location can be of great benefit. Because it’s impossible to air condition the outdoors, a ceiling fan can provide wind chill effect relief to anyone wanting to enjoy a patio on a warm summer’s night.

If your home does not have ceiling fans already installed, and you are wondering what type and size ceiling fan to purchase, ask your air conditioning repair company for advice. In many cases, your air conditioner repair service company will either provide you with very useful and helpful guidance or be able to direct you to someone who is highly knowledgeable about ceiling fans and how they can benefit you. Different types of ceiling fans are required for rooms of various shapes and sizes. Additionally, placement of a ceiling fan can depend on where the joist is located in each room’s ceiling.