Koda's Theoretical Inventions:
3-D TV

Here is a very simple idea that could result in the ability to project 3-dimensional television images in empty space -- IF the main principle works. Two laser beams which have a frequency exactly half that of a visible color are projected so they intersect at a particular point in space. (Laser beams at half the frequency of visible light can not be seen with the naked eye.) Where these two beams intersect, the frequency of the interacting beams would double, creating a point of visible light of the intended color. Do this very rapidly with large numbers of intersecting points over a large area and the result would be a three-dimensional image materializing out of thin air.

That would be pretty cool, only I don't know if it would work, because I don't know if the half frequency laser beams would actually double in frequency where they intersect. They could cancel each other out. But light acts as both a wave and a particle, so it's possible the "particle" aspect of light might "collide" and result in light emission.

So IF this main principle worked, there is still the huge problem of controlling the lasers so they intersect at the right places, and have the correct frequency when they do. Ideally, only two lasers would be required, positioned above and behind the viewer. Color images would require very rapid frequency control of the light emitted from each laser, as well as the ability to precisely control where the beams are projected. It may be possible to direct the position of the beams using mirrors, but that is a tall order I think, because moving even a tiny physical object as quickly as required could easily result in damage. Still, that might be doable. It might be more practical to bend the beams using magnetic fields, which is how analog televisions work. The difference would be controlling photons rather than electrons, which is another thing I'm not positive can be done.

Then there is that part about changing the frequency of the laser beams very rapidly. As far as I know, most lasers can only project one frequency of light. If that is true, then at best we would have a black and white 3-D image. Modifying the amplitude (brightness) of the beams would allow for different shades of grey, or it would all be in shades of green or red or some other single color.

The color spectrum on a computer screen can consist of millions of colors, yet they are all created by combining different intensities of only 3 different colors; red, green and blue. That means it might be possible to use 6, fixed frequency lasers, one pair each to produce red, green and blue. The intensity of each laser pair could be altered to create full spectrum colors.

Maybe this can be pulled off, and maybe not. If Audio Animation (3-D images made of sound) could also be made to work it would be possible to position sounds so they appear to come from a characters mouth, etc., as well as have sounds move beyond the "screen area." What would really be cool is to use multiple lasers positioned directly above the viewer in order to suspend the subject in the center of a spherical world similar to that of Audio Animation. The action would happen in the 360 degree space surrounding the viewer. That would be very cool for video games. Add in a "sensation suit" which would trigger physical sensations on the viewer's skin and it would be a very realistic experience.

Whether or not this thing can be made to work depends on all the variables mentioned above. Maybe it will happen someday, maybe not.

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