The image appearing in the background is a very small portion of Infinite Images #1, which also appears on the cover of my book, Rational Spirituality. (The image sholuld appear unobstructed at the bottom of this page.)

If you scan across the image vertically you will notice cartoon-like images, mostly alien looking faces. If you flip the image up-side-down you can see different faces in the same areas where other faces appeared before.

If you hold the edge of a mirror against the image you will be able to create even more "faces" by observing half the image in the mirror (though that doesn't work so well with the image on a screen). There are virtually an infinite number of recognizable images perceiveable. Posters might become available one of these days.

Select a link below to begin downloading. If the size you need isn't here, use the next larger size.

If the image simply displays on your screen when you click a link below, you must save it to disk. Click and drag your cursor on the image. A dialogue box should appear which will let you save the image to your hard drive. If you have problems downloading just sned me an email and I will send you the largest file here.

Infinite Images Wallpaper (Select Size)

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