About Me

To begin with, I prefer to remain anonymous to those I don't know personally. Although there are some perks that come with being famous, I have avoided being a public person all my life, much to the detriment of my career. I would like my work to be famous, not my face. That said, I understand that people can be curious about someone whose work they appreciate, but I'm not sure what I would feel comfortable saying.

I think what really matters about me is what I believe. I believe there is hope for peace and prosperity for everyone in the world, and it could happen relativily soon. I believe that the more of us who believe that, the sooner it will happen. I believe we can all help quite a bit toward those ends, simply by doing our own part in our own way. I really like people who are optimistic about the world we live in, so to me that's something about me worth saying.

I believe I am an "idea artist," and that

The fine line between genius and insanity
Can often be a very real thing
Creative speculation can bare no limits
But limits are what keep us sane

I have a capasity for creative brilliance, which is my greatest joy in life. But I also cross the line sometimes and bring back trash from the other side. I can be lazy and undisciplined, but prefer feeling motivated and enthused. I believe the world is a special sort of dream, and I love the company of beautiful, intelligent women.

I guess when it comes down to it, who I am is someone who wants to know how life works and to have a great time while I'm striving to figure it out. I live to create, and to enjoy the time I spend here on this planet. I am wonderfully flawed. I am very laid back and smile a lot. Being very open minded means I am often confused, but I seem to find entertainmet in the mental quicksand.

I believe deep romantic love is the ultimate human experience.

There. That's enough about me. Thanks for checking out my website. I hope you have found some inspiration here :)

piles 'o smiles :)


updated Aug 31, 2004