Video Pods

After avoiding publicity all my life, and getting nowhere as a result, I have finally decided to create some short video pods and see if I can get them on Current TV (Channel 366 on most Direct TV satelite receivers in the US). They are a very professional outfit (Al Gore is on their board of directors) showing viewer created content in an effort to give at least some media access to the people.

The way it works is viewers create the videos, post them on the website, and if enough people "greenlight" (vote for) the pod they put it on TV. (Just click on any image below and the pod will play right there in the window.) If you think more people should be aware of any of the info I talk about in these pods, please click the "vote now" link in the pod window. That will take you to the web page for the pod. Once there you will need to click the "greenlight" button under the video. They will ask you to register a user name and password, but that's all.

TV, or not TV. That is the question :) Your support is definitely appreciated! Thanks :)


Visual Telepathy

Audio Animation

Koda's Art and Music

This one is only at
(no hope for TV with this one)