Lyrics by Koda

It's as if my mind were melting
Through dimensions of paper-thin universes
All wadded up in a ball
Dissolving into pools of radiant color
Rippling inward and outward
At the same time . . . I think.
Oh God! I think!
What god?
What subatomic quantum leap
From nerve to mind
Forms this consciousness inside my head?

And she said something . . . about . . .
Walking along a beach
On an alien planet
And the yellow clouds were so bright
They lit up the green sky
As rain drops the size of plumbs
Into the blood-thick sea.
Slow motion waves caress the black rock
Like the breath
Of Death.


And my head makes me WANT things
Like Money,
and . . . SEX.

Ohhhooohhhh!!! It's ALL in my HEAD!

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