"Hike Like a Tree"

Lyrics by Koda

I was sitting on the couch at the party
Feeling stressed because my life was going nowhere
So I went out back, and layed on the lawn
Underneath a BIG tree.

And the tree seemed so calm
With it's leaves flowing in the cool night air
And I wondered aloud, how it could find such peace
Living it's life in just one place

I talked to the tree, and it talked to me
Silently, with emotion
And it told me how to let the world come to me
How to hike like a tree

So I stretched my limbs
And raised my mind high into the sky
I saw the traffic moving through the city
And the birds flying by
I saw all the people at the party
And the moon swimming through the clouds
And I watched as the turning Earth swept up the stars
As they came spilling out from the sea
For a hundred years or more
I saw towns and people come and go
I let the world come to me
As I hiked like a tree

I was lying on the lawn
When a friend touched my arm
Wondering what had become of me
"Well, for the last hundred years or so," I said,
"I've been hiking like a tree."

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