"Outside My Window"

by Koda

Outside my window
in the gathering dawn
The leaves in the gutter
Have put there coats of frost on
The world's growing colder
As the Earth slowly warms

And in all the world's cities
People starve in the streets
All our forests are dying
And if we keep polluting our seas
There'll be no air to breath

Outside my window
There's a hole in the sky
And millions of people
Are all going to die
But billions of babies
Will be taking there place

All the wars and disasters
Starvation and AIDS
Can't seem to keep up
With our poor planet's needs -
Can't cure it's human dis-ease

But the earth still turns
And our star still burns
And we all know that together there's a way
To pull the self-righteous down
Turn the whole thing around
And we've all got to do it TODAY
      . . . but we're too busy today . . .

Outside my window
There's a bird on the wire
He must know what I'm thinking
'Cause he hasn't sung for a while
We're holding our breath
Hoping the worst won't come true
And outside my window
The world is turning blue

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