"Space Junk"

lyrics by Koda

Well, there's supposed to be some words here
about this time we were out collecting garbage
between Jupiter and the third belt.
Trouble is we haven't got 'em all figured out yet,
but it's about this time we were picking up stuff like
spent fuel tanks and potty bags and stuff--
      Hey, get that one--
when we spotted this asteroid-- it was kind a glowin', ya know?
Well, we went over to check it out
and found out it had been invaded
by a bunch of college kids from the First Orbital University.
They had this old reactor glowing like a sun,
and they hauled in all this water to make a beach
and get this, they were all naked, surfing!

Well, I was gonna give 'em a ticket
for all this radioactive waste they were leaving behind,
but the guys were looking pretty down
and the girls all started being really nice,
and when you find the only beer in two hundred million miles
the only thing you can say is LETS PARTY!

Yeah, that was a bodatious time to be sure.
The girls all wanted to go for rides in this old garbage scowl
and we did whoop-d-loops through the asteroids like this--
and they turned us on to this mind-blowin' vacuum vapor stuff--
Oh yeah, potent!
But you've got to be careful when you're drivin' on that stuff, or, oohhHH!

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