"Too Many Tears"

by Koda

We've been together
for such a long time
It's hard recalling when we were not.
We'll be friends forever
we've known that from the start
But we keep falling apart.

I know how much you love me
when you say it's no one's fault
Still it's me that makes you cry.
These words spoke in anger
just tear out our hearts
And too many tears have fallen from your eyes.

You are the fountain that fills up my life
I'd be so empty if you were gone.
I do all I can to make everything right
But then I say something wrong.

We go to the bedroom and each take our side
We don't touch all through the night.
I stare at the ceiling and listen to you cry
It's time to set our lives right

"Cause too many tears
Have fallen from your eyes
So let me hold you tonight
We'll pretend it's alright
And hold back the fears
And hope for more years
Without too many tears.

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