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Free stuff here includes several chapters of the Instant Enlightenment book, dozens of original songs in MP3 format, 50 Art Gallery images, two Fiction stories, articles on Audio Animation and Inertial Propulsion, a small pile of Poems, and instructions to printout and assemble and a paper wheel you can cause to spin using Telekinesis -- in just seconds.


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Instant Enlightenment: Metaphysical Fast Food (2MEG)
Electronic version of the book in PDF format. 315 pages. Includes Koda's Psychic Party Games as a chapter.
Koda's Psychic Party Games (in PDF format) (556K)
Visual Telepathy; Using Telekinesis to Move a Paper Wheel; Psychic Touch Dancing; Light as a Feather (The Lifting Game); Directional Attention; Psychometry; Manipulating the Pendulum; Perceiving Auras; Using Ouija Boards; and instructions for holding a seance.
Lucid Dream Induction Recordings (728K) total
Three separate files enable you to create a "play list" or audio CD which will trigger a unique tone while you are sleeping. The tone reminds you to become aware of being "awake in your dreams." Click the link above to read the instructions on line.
Infinite Images #1 (474K to 1.5MEG)
Selected section of the Instant Enlightenment book cover background image to use as "wallpaper" or a Desktop Image. File sizes are 474K to 1.5MEG depending on the screen size of your computer. Five sizes to choose from, 800x600 to 1600x1024.

Get all of the above for just $7.50!

Get the Instant Enlightenment book in PDF format (includes Psychic Party Games), the Lucid Dream Induction Recordings, and the Infinite Images "wallpaper" all for just $7.50!
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Instant Enlightenment: Metaphysical Fast Food
More than 300 pages if you include the introductory material.

Signed and numbered 6" X 9" trade paperback, $20.00, includes free shipping to US. (International orders add $10.00 for shipping.)

If you don't need a signed and numbered copy this link will take you to the publisher's web page where you can order the book at the lowest price possible. I don't know what the shipping costs are, but the hard cover ($32.95 retail) is $23.25, and the paperback is $12.50 (USD).

You can also order the book through on line retailers like,, etc., or through your local book store. (List price for the paperback is $16.95 plus tax or shipping.)

To order a signed and numbered paperback from me via snail mail, send a check or US Post Office money order to the address below. To order via PayPal, click this link.

Head CD by Psychic Trance Fur
11 tracks, total time 42:43.
Signed (by me) dated and numbered. $15.00 includes shipping to USA.
International orders add $7.00 US.

Koda's Psychic Party Games
Physical booklet, 48 pages with illustrations. Does NOT contain info on telekinesis or seances.
Signed, dated and numbered. $5.00 includes shipping to USA.
International orders add $7.00 US.

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