Can a Handyman Complete Air Conditioning Repairs?

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The answer to the question, “Can a handyman complete air conditioning repairs,” is not as easy to answer as you might originally think. While a handyman might be able to complete air conditioning repairs, it’s advisable that you hire a Denver HVAC contractor to repair or install the central air conditioner in your home. A handyman might have a lot of skills and might be able to fix most things that typically break or need to be replaced in a home. But when it comes to a central air conditioning system or anything related to your home’s HVAC system, it’s important to hire a professional that is specifically trained to work on such a complex piece of equipment.

If you need air conditioning repairs, and you are considering hiring a handyman, make sure to consider the following:

Licensed air conditioner installers are formally trained. Even though a handyman might be able to quickly repair your air conditioning system, a licensed HVAC technician is specifically trained and should be able to provide advice on how to prevent future HVAC problems.

A Denver contractor might charge more, but you can rest assured that the repairs will be completed correctly. Paying a higher fee for air conditioning repairs can be worthwhile if the higher fee means the repairs will be completed correctly the first time.

A handyman does not necessarily have access to the correct tools to complete air conditioning repairs. A Denver HVAC contractor travels from one job to another with a set of tools specifically designed to complete repairs on an air conditioning system. A handyman may not have access to such tools.

If you need additional work completed on your HVAC system, you know who to call. If your air conditioning system needs service or repairs in the future, a handyman might not be available or have the expertise to complete the work. When you use a Denver HVAC contractor to complete your air conditioning repairs, you know that you can call that contractor at any point in the future if you require additional work.

A professional air conditioning contractor can answer all of your HVAC-related questions. Any time you want to know anything about your air conditioning system, a professional HVAC company is the place to call. A handyman might not know the ins and outs of an HVAC system and may not be able to answer all of your questions.

When you hire a professional, you can rest assured that your air conditioning repairs will be completed safely. A professionally-trained and licensed HVAC technician should know how to complete repairs on an air conditioning using all appropriate safety precautions.

It’s important to remember that working on a central air conditioner without proper training or expertise can be dangerous. Also, anyone who attempts to complete air conditioning repairs but is not formally trained can end up causing additional damage to your system. This can ultimately cause the need for more extensive and expensive repairs. To make sure you have your air conditioning repairs done correctly the first time, make sure to schedule an appointment with a Denver HVAC contractor.

Vacation Advice from One of Denver’s Top Air Conditioner Installers

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Air conditioner installers are a great resource for advice on how to prepare your home’s air conditioner system for your out-of-town vacation. If you are planning a vacation and you know that you will be away from home for more than a day or two, there are things you can do that will help ensure you are not wasting energy while you are away. Additionally, preparing your air conditioner for your vacation will help make sure the interior of your home does not get overwhelmingly hot while you are away.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to return from a vacation to a home that needs air conditioner repairs. When your air conditioner does not function properly after a vacation, the first thing you might do is pick up the phone and start contacting all of the air conditioner repair companies you can locate in your vicinity. This can be a huge inconvenience – especially when you are trying to get back into your normal daily routine after your vacation ends.

Instead of risking the possible need for air conditioner repairs when you return home from a vacation, follow these tips provided by air conditioner installers:

Consider turning off your ac while you are out of town – or increasing the setting on the thermostat. Depending on the geographic area in which you live, turning your air conditioner off completely can cause the temperature inside of your home to become excessively humid and reach incredibly high temperatures.

Don’t keep your central air conditioner running at full force when you are away on vacation. Keeping your air conditioner running at a cool 70 degrees while you are away from home might be a waste of energy (and money). Unless you have plants or pets that require a certain indoor temperature while you are away, you should consider increasing the setting on your thermostat for the period of time you will be out of town.

Make sure your HVAC system’s air filter is clean before you leave town. An HVAC system with a clean air filter functions more efficiently than one with a dirty air filter. Make sure your air filter is clean before leaving your home for an extended period of time.

If you are planning a vacation away from home that will last more than a day or two, you are probably excited about getting out of town. With all of the excitement, you might easily forget to prepare your home’s air conditioning system for your absence. Getting your HVAC system ready for a vacation is not difficult and should not take a significant amount of time or effort. Assuming you regularly change your air filter and have your system tuned-up on a routine schedule, all you have to remember is to adjust the thermostat before you leave town.

For more information on how to prepare your home’s air conditioning system for a vacation, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We are one of the most trustworthy air conditioner repair companies in the Denver metro area, and we are happy to provide all homeowners with useful tips and guidance.


Can an Air Conditioning System be Added to Your Garage?

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It’s summer and the temperature outside is hot! Even if your central air conditioner works perfectly fine and it cools the inside of your home very well, your garage probably remains very hot all summer long. This is due to the fact that most garages are not cooled by an air conditioner. Most people do not have a desire to have their garage air conditioned because the garage is used to store cars, garden tools, and other outside items and equipment. But the heat that builds inside of a garage on a very hot day can make the garage unusable. For anyone who likes to use their garage as a workspace – for doing repair work on a car, building something, or another type of hobby – the heat in a garage can make the space impossible to utilize.

It is possible for air conditioner installers to add central air conditioning to a garage, but doing so is not always recommended. There are quite a few factors to consider when contemplating installing an air conditioner in a garage, and it’s important to have a Denver air conditioning repair company visit your home and evaluate your situation. Make sure to seek experienced and professional advice from Rheem Pro Partner before attempting to connect your garage to your current central air conditioning system.

Factors to consider before making the decision to install central air conditioning in your garage:

Your garage might not be insulated. Many garages do not have adequate insulation. If they do have insulation, it is often not sufficient for retaining cool air that a central air conditioner would provide the area. When you try to air condition a garage that is not insulated, it can cause your air conditioner to work extra hard, which can result in extensive wear and tear on your system.

A garage is a big open space, which can be hard to cool. You might have a one-car garage, or you might have a two-car or three-car garage. Regardless, a garage is a large open space. Effectively cooling a large open space requires an extensive amount of energy.

Air conditioning a garage with a central air conditioning system can be dangerous. A central air conditioning system requires the use of return air vents. If there are return air vents in your garage, the air that is returned can be filled with exhaust and other dangerous elements that are present in a garage. It’s not safe for these gasses to circulate throughout the air in your home.

Air Conditioning Options for a Garage
Besides installing a central air conditioner in your garage, there are other options for cooling the space in your garage. For example, it may be possible to add a window air conditioner to your garage. Ceiling fans and or a ductless air conditioning system may also work very well to cool the interior of a garage.

The most important thing to do before weighing your options for installing an air conditioner in your garage is to call a Denver air conditioning repair company for advice. Professional air conditioner installers will be able to give you advice on which system will work best for effectively cooling your garage.

Consider Air Conditioning Comfort When Planning Your Home Addition

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Are you planning to build an addition on your house? Or are you going to pop the top of your home? If so, you are probably in the midst of figuring out exactly how much space to add and how much the project will cost. Adding square footage to a home is a great way to create more living space and also increase your home’s value.

Adding square footage to your home can be an exciting experience. Not only will your home be bigger once the project is complete, but you will also have the opportunity to design the new room(s) the way you want. The most difficult aspect of adding to your home is understanding all of the small details that are involved with a home construction project. For example, have you thought about air conditioner installation? Or how the addition will be heated during the winter and cooled during the summer?

Anyone contemplating a home addition should make an appointment with a Denver air conditioning repair company before the project is set to begin. It’s important to learn whether your current HVAC system is the right size to support additional square footage, or whether you should consider purchasing a new system. If you must opt for a new system, air conditioner installation can add to the overall cost of your project – so it’s important to add the expense into your construction budget.

Before construction on your home addition begins, make sure to discuss the following with a Denver air conditioning repair company:

Can your current air conditioning system handle the extra square footage? If your addition is just one small room, your current air conditioning and heating system might do just fine. But if you are popping the top of your home and adding an entire second or third floor to your home, your current system might not be able to effectively heat or cool the new area. Making sure you have the right size air conditioner is important.

What type of windows will be added to the addition? Most home additions include at least one window. Make sure to choose energy efficient windows. Additionally, your window installer should ensure the windows are properly sealed so that air leaks can be prevented.

How well will the new room(s) be insulated? Properly insulating your home is the key to energy efficiency and the ability to keep your home at a desirable temperature. It’s essential that your home addition includes adequate insulation.

Depending on your unique situation and the design of your home addition, you may or may not be able to rely on your current air conditioning and heating system to deliver air to the new room(s). A Denver air conditioner repair company, like as Rheem Pro Partner, is highly skilled at air conditioner installation and assisting homeowners with all issues related to heating and cooling a home. Give Rheem Pro Partner a call to schedule an appointment for an evaluation prior to the start of your home construction project. We will provide you with advice and guidance on the best way to add heating, cooling and ventilation to your new room(s).