A Few Important Facts About Air Conditioning Repair

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One of the most important facts about air conditioning repair that is vital for homeowners to understand is that if you have an air conditioning system, it’s going to need service and repair at some point. Believing that your HVAC system will run indefinitely without any type of maintenance, tune-up or central air conditioner services is not realistic. All appliances, no matter how simple or complex, are not designed to run efficiently forever without the need for either regular or occasional maintenance or repairs. While you might be lucky with your air conditioning system and never experience serious problems, there is a good chance that you will require air conditioning repair at some point.

If you are in need of air conditioning repair, and you are worried about the cost, there are HVAC companies willing to provide a free estimate on air conditioner repair. This can be helpful – especially if you are facing an expensive repair or the need to replace your ac system entirely.

Following is more information about air conditioning repair, how to help reduce the potential need for repair services, and how to keep you ac system in good working order:

An air conditioning system is complex. A central air conditioning system is comprised of several components that all must effectively function together in order for the system to work well. If any piece of an air conditioning system is broken or in need of maintenance, it can affect the overall performance of the system.

Adequate air flow is important. Ensuring that air flows freely through your HVAC system is essential. When a system’s air filter is dirty, it prevents adequate air flow. This can cause your air conditioner to function poorly.

Tune-ups and maintenance can prevent problems. Central air conditioner services companies offer maintenance and service appointments because routine maintenance can help an ac system function efficiently. Additionally, routine maintenance can help eliminate the need for emergency air conditioning repair appointments.

Increasing your indoor air temperature by a degree or two can help alleviate the burden on your air conditioning system. The less hard your air conditioning system has to work, the better. Not only does increasing your indoor air temperature a degree or two help reduce the amount of energy consumed by your household, but it can also help your air conditioner function more efficiently.

Leaky air ducts can be very problematic. If your air conditioning system works well, but the cool air it produces never makes it to the rooms in your home because of leaky air ducts, you have a problem. In this case, air conditioning repair may not help solve the problem. Making sure your air ducts are properly sealed may be the answer.

The need for air conditioning repair is something that may, inevitably, arise in the future. But you can reduce the possibility that you will need central air conditioner services by keeping your system well-maintained. If you feel there is something wrong with your system, call for a free estimate on air conditioner repair so you know how much it will cost to fix the problem before you agree to the work.


Common AC Problems that Warrant an Air Conditioning Services Appointment

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It’s not uncommon for homeowners to want to ignore problems with their air conditioning system. Hiring an air conditioning services company to evaluate your cooling system for issues requires scheduling an appointment and possibly paying the company for a service call. But it’s important to not ignore your need for air conditioner repairs. In many cases, the sooner air conditioning repair is completed, the better. Not only does a well-working system mean you can benefit from cool air inside of your home, but a system that works well often requires less energy to run – which can result in lower monthly energy bills.

If you believe that your air conditioner is not working well, or if you are certain that something is wrong with the system, call an air conditioning services company as soon as possible. Make sure to provide the company with as much information as possible over the phone so the company has a general idea of what might be wrong before an HVAC technician shows up at your home. Air conditioner repairs can range from simple to complex – and it can be highly beneficial to catch problems early so they don’t develop into more serious issues that are more expensive to fix.

Following is a list of some air conditioning problems that can oftentimes be detected by homeowners or individuals living in your home. If any of these issues is present, make sure to call an air conditioning services company for an air conditioning repair appointment.

The air conditioning system won’t turn on. Not turning on is a very good indication that there is something wrong with your air conditioner. This problem probably requires a visit from an air conditioning services company.

The air that comes through the vents smells bad. The air that flows through your air ducts should not smell bad. If it does, it’s important to have a professional HVAC technician evaluate the situation.

The air conditioning system is making loud and unusual noises. All HVAC systems create some degree of noise. If your system is making noises that are louder than normal or different than usual, there might be a problem with your system.

The air produced by the ac system is not cool. An air conditioner is supposed to produce cool air. If the air coming through your vents is warm or hot, this is a sign of a possible problem.

The system seems to be running all the time without taking a break. An efficient air conditioner cycles on and off. If your system seems to run all the time without taking a break, it might need service or ac repairs.

The abovementioned air conditioning problems are usually easy to detect. If it’s difficult to get your home’s indoor air to reach a comfortable temperature even though your air conditioner is running, it may be time to call an air conditioning services company for an appointment. Don’t put off your air conditioner repairs because you think the cost of the repairs will be prohibitively high. In reality, it’s possible that the cost of repairs will be quite reasonable. There is no reason to live with an air conditioning system that does not function well.


Surprising Ways to Save Money on Central Air Conditioner Repair

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Not using your air conditioner will probably save you money on central air conditioner repair. It may also cause you to save money on your monthly energy bill. But not using your ac is not necessarily a great idea. Unless you can stand the heat, chances are you will want to use your air conditioner on most summer days – especially during the hottest months.

Besides not using your air conditioner at all, there are several things you can do to try and avoid air conditioner repair. To ease the burden on your system, many air conditioner repair companies recommend that you try some of the following:

Set your thermostat a degree or two higher. Any time you increase the temperature on your thermostat, your air conditioner does not have to work as hard to cool your home. If you are able to set your thermostat a degree or two higher, you may be able to reduce your risk of needing central air conditioner repair. Typically, homeowners expect their air conditioner to cool their home on extremely hot days, but this can be a burden on your system which might result in the need for repair.

Use ceiling fans to feel cooler. Even though a ceiling fan does not actually reduce the temperature in your home, it can make the people (and pets) in your home feel cooler while the fan is running. When you feel cooler, you are able to rely less on your air conditioning system. Again, an air conditioner that runs less frequently has a lower chance of requiring emergency central air conditioner repair.

Use natural methods to keep yourself cool. There are several tried and true methods for keeping yourself cool on a hot day – without having to rely on air conditioning. Taking a cool shower, holding an ice pack on your head, and wearing clothes made of light-weight materials will help.

Use an attic fan. If your home has an attic fan, use the fan during the evening to pull cool air into your home. Attic fans are not optimal in all climates, but they can be very helpful in climates with low humidity. An attic fan can oftentimes be used instead of central air conditioning on a cool summer night – which can help ease the burden on your air conditioning system.

Always keep your air conditioning maintained and tuned-up. Almost all air conditioner repair companies recommend that you have your central air conditioner serviced every year. When your air conditioner is maintained, it runs as efficiently as possible. An efficient and well-running air conditioner is at less risk of requiring central air conditioner repair.

When it comes to learning ways to save money on central air conditioner repair, air conditioner repair companies have many tips and tricks they are willing to share with homeowners. For more useful information, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We are happy to share our knowledge with homeowners that want to know more.


Rheem Pro Partner Offers More than Air Conditioning Repair!

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If you think Rheem Pro Partner is just an air conditioning repair company, think again! The Rheem Pro Partner is willing and able to help homeowners and owners or managers of commercial buildings with all issues related to heating, cooling, water heater installation and repair, HVAC maintenance, issues with air quality, thermostats, and many other services. Essentially, if you are in need of help or advice with anything related to an HVAC system, Rheem Pro Partner is the one to call.

Cooling: Rheem Pro Partner is skilled at all types of air conditioning repair, air conditioner installation, air conditioner maintenance, and all issues related to cooling systems. We inspect, maintain, repair and install air conditioning systems of all brands. If you are concerned about air conditioning repair cost, we are the company to call. We charge fair prices for excellent service.

Heating: We install new furnaces and heating systems in residential homes and commercial buildings. We work on heating systems of all types and brands, and we always strive to keep your heating system running efficiently. Our heating repair service is available every day of the week, 24 hours a day!

Water Heater: No matter what time of day or night you discover that your water heater is not functioning properly, Rheem Pro Partner is just a phone call away. We service all types and brands of hot water heaters and tankless water heaters, and we will provide you with knowledgeable advice on whether you should repair or replace your system if and when it’s not functioning properly.

HVAC Maintenance: One of the best ways to prolong the life of your HVAC system – including your air conditioner and furnace, is to have regular maintenance tune-ups performed. Rheem Pro Partner offers maintenance appointments on all of types of HVAC systems, and we also offer extended service protection plans.

Air Quality: Indoor air quality is important in residential homes as well as commercial buildings. The health of the people living, working and spending time in buildings of any type can be affected by the quality of indoor air. When your HVAC system is clean and running properly, the result can be a higher quality of indoor air.

Connected Home. The ability to monitor and adjust your home’s thermostat settings from any location can be accomplished with a real-time monitoring service that can be accessed via a mobile device. Rheem Pro Partner can install this type of system in your home and provide you with guidance on how to set it.

Rheem Pro Partner consists of Top Contractors who are experts at air conditioner repair, air conditioner installation and keeping your air conditioning repair cost to a minimum. Our Top Contractors are part of an elite group of independently owned HVAC contractors who are thoroughly trained and consistently raise the bar when it comes to professional HVAC installation and maintenance. Top Contractors are extremely knowledgeable about all Rheem products, and also all other brands of HVAC equipment. We always strive for 100% satisfaction from all of our customers. Call Rheem Pro Partner today to schedule your appointment!

Ways to Save Money on Central Air Conditioner Repair

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When it comes to air conditioner repair, nobody wants to spend more money than necessary. Many companies charge the same amount for an air conditioner repair during normal business hours and during off-hours – such as weekends and holidays. Nonetheless, the cost of repairs can be expensive.

The best way to combat expensive ac repair in Highland Ranch, CO, or anywhere else in the Denver metropolitan area is to keep your central air conditioning system in good condition through regular maintenance and service. Prevention is the best way to avert serious and expensive problems with your system. However, it’s not possible to prevent all ac repairs because things can break without warning. In such cases, you want to make sure to hire an air conditioning repair company that is trustworthy and reliable.

Here are tips on how to save money on central air conditioner repair if the need arises:

Schedule a maintenance appointment during a slow time of year. It’s easier to find a Highlands Ranch, CO ac repair company with available maintenance appointments during the spring and the fall. In other words, a day when the outdoor temperature is 100 degrees is not necessarily the best time to call for an air conditioning tune-up. On very hot days, most air conditioning repair companies are busy helping customers that have broken ac systems.

Find an ac repair company in Highlands Ranch that you trust, and stick with that company. Air conditioner repair companies love repeat customers. It’s always helpful when an HVAC technician is able to visit the same home multiple times over the course of several years. This way, the technician can get to know your system, and any of its unusual quirks.

Don’t put an unnecessary burden on your central air conditioning system. If it’s very hot outside, try to set your thermostat a bit higher so your air conditioning system does not have to run constantly without a break. One way to cause your system to overheat is to expect it to meet difficult demands.

Change your air filters regularly. If your air filters are changed on a regular schedule, the system will run more efficiently. The free flow of air through the system when the air filters are clean can help prevent certain damage to your system that can potentially result in expensive air conditioning repair.

Enroll in an extended service protection plan. By enrolling in an extended service protection plan, you are protected from the cost of certain ac repairs. The cost of the plan can be worthwhile, and can provide you with peace of mind.

When it comes to saving money on central air conditioner repairs, there are several things you can do to try and prevent the need for repair in the first place. Your best defense against things going wrong with your system is taking care of your air conditioner by scheduling regular maintenance appointments. For additional tips on how to save money on air conditioner repairs and how to prevent the need for service calls, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We are a Highlands Ranch, CO ac repair company that serves the entire Denver metro area.


Breaking Bad Habits Can Help Your Air Conditioning System

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Bad habits can be hard to break. But with a little bit of effort, bad habits can be overcome! Many people have bad habits when it comes to the way in which they operate and maintain their central air conditioning system. And the biggest problem of all is that many homeowners don’t even realize that some of their bad air conditioning habits can be easily corrected.

When it comes to air conditioning, bad habits can lead to a higher monthly electric bill, an air conditioning system that runs inefficiently, and excessive central air conditioner repairs. Rheem Pro Partner, which is a Thornton, Co ac repair company that serves the entire Denver metropolitan area, has witnessed the effects of bad habits on an HVAC system. Unfortunately, air conditioner repair can often be avoided by breaking bad habits.

Following are some of the most common bad habits that relate to central air conditioning:

The windows and doors are left open while the air conditioner is running. Leaving the windows and doors open on a very hot day while trying to cool your home with a central air conditioning system simply does not work. Not only is it inefficient, but it can also cause your air conditioner to overheat and require emergency air conditioning repair.

The air filter in the HVAC system is rarely (or never) cleaned or replaced. The air filter in an HVAC system should be replaced or cleaned once a month. Avoiding this task is a bad habit that can lead to serious problems with your air conditioning system.

A yearly maintenance check-up is rarely (or never) scheduled. It’s quick and easy to schedule a yearly maintenance appointment with Rheem Pro Partner. Maintenance appointments are available seven days a week, and can prevent the need for ac repair during the hottest months of the year.

The air conditioning system is kept running at full force all day long – even when nobody is home. There is no need to leave your air conditioning system running at full force when nobody will be home for several hours – unless there are pets living in the home that require a specific temperature. Over-running your ac system can lead to an excessive energy bill and problems with your unit.

Problems with the air conditioner are ignored. If you need HVAC repairs, don’t delay. Attempting to run an air conditioning system while it is broken can lead to more serious problems.

When it comes to bad habits and central air conditioning systems, many homeowners are guilty. Luckily, it can be very easy to reverse bad habits that involve your home’s cooling system. Rheem Pro Partner is always available to help you learn better and more efficient ways to run your ac unit. We are a Thornton, CO ac repair company, and we travel to homes across the entire Denver metropolitan area, and also Boulder and Colorado Springs. Give us a call today to schedule a maintenance appointment as well as a consultation on how to efficiently run your HVAC system.

Pay Attention to Your Landscaping to Avoid Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

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If your air conditioner is surrounded by plants and shrubs, the foliage could potentially lead to a need for emergency air conditioner repair. While it’s not likely, there is a possibility that overgrown landscaping that is allowed to grow into an air conditioner unit can cause irreversible damage to your HVAC system. If or when this occurs, you might have to call a Denver air conditioner repair company to have the problem(s) fixed.

If your outdoor air conditioner box is located on the side of your house or in a location that is out of your daily view, you might not always take notice of the bushes, shrubs and other landscaping that surround the unit. If it’s been months or years since you last looked at your air conditioner, you might be surprised at the overgrowth surrounding the box.

If you purposely planted shrubs, vines or other plants around your air conditioner box in order to hide it from view, it’s important to evaluate the area every month or so. While plants can certainly camouflage an air conditioner box, they can also cause your ac system to run inefficiently.

Following are a few landscaping ideas for the area surrounding your air conditioning unit. Following these tips may help alleviate your need for emergency air conditioner repair in the future:

Pay attention to the growth of your landscaping. If you plant shrubs, bushes, vines, or any other type of plant around your air conditioner box, make sure to keep tabs on the growth of the landscaping. The plants might grow and spread faster than you realize, which can cause damage to the unit.

Trim plants and trees on a regular basis. If you want to avoid the need for emergency air conditioner repair, make sure the area surrounding the unit is free and clear of overgrown plants. A space of a two or three fee surrounding the unit, and five feet above the unit is a good rule of thumb.

Surround your air conditioner unit with plants and trees that will not drop fruit or nuts into the air conditioner. When your air conditioner box is filled with debris from plant or trees, the system cannot run efficiently.

Place a fence or a brick wall around your air conditioner unit. If you want to block the appearance of your air conditioner box, try hiding it from view with a fence or a brick wall instead of trying to hide with plants or shrubs. A fence or brick wall will help keep the area clean.

For advice on how to avoid the need to call for a Denver air conditioner repair company for emergency air conditioner repair, make sure to ask Rheem Pro Partner for advice on how to shield an outdoor air conditioner unit from view. There are definite dos and don’ts when it comes to landscaping the area directly surrounding your air conditioner.

US News & World Report Describes How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Repair

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Want to know more about central air conditioner repair and central air conditioning repair costs? Look no further. The U.S. News and World Report recently published an online article that covers this very topic in depth. The article, titled 4 Air Conditioning Terms that Could Save You Thousands was written to help readers gain knowledge that will help them cut the cost of cooling a home with a central air conditioning system.

The article discusses the fact that most homeowners ignore their central air conditioning systems, yet they expect their systems to function properly. Then, when the system breaks, homeowners want them repaired immediately, and inexpensively. Rheem Pro Partner, an ac repair company that serves homeowners in Lone Tree, CO as well as the entire Denver Metropolitan area believes that knowledge is power when it comes to air conditioning.

The more you know about air conditioner units and HVAC systems, the better equipped you will be to handle problems that may arise with your current system. If you are in the market for a brand new air conditioning system, understanding the lingo associated with central air conditioning systems will help you make a more informed buying decision.

The U.S. News & World Report article discusses the following four air conditioning terms, which the article says may help homeowners save thousands of dollars the next time they purchase a brand new ac system: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), Modulation, Humidity and Heat Pump.

More information about the four abovementioned terms includes:

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: This term is often referred to as SEER. A SEER rating can help you determine how efficient an air conditioning system is. A higher SEER rating means the system is designed to be more efficient. A Lone Tree, Co ac repair company should be able to explain SEER in more detail during your next central air conditioner repair appointment.

Modulation: An air conditioning system with modulation can cost less to run. Modulation is also referred to as variable-speed, and ac systems with this feature are able to adjust the amount of energy they use while running.

Humidity: In many parts of the United States, humidity is a true concern. An air conditioning system that is designed to control the humidity inside of a home or building will result in a higher level of comfort.

Heat Pump: Known as an efficient mechanism for transferring heat, a heat pump has the ability to extract heat from indoor air and release it outside. There are several types of heat pumps, so make sure to ask your central air conditioner repair company for more details.

The U.S. News & World Report article states that many of the central air conditioning systems installed in today’s homes could be running more efficiently if they were serviced and maintained. Therefore, it’s extremely important to have your central air conditioner tuned-up each year by a Lone Tree, CO ac repair company. Rheem Pro Partner is available for service calls seven days a week, and we make sure your air conditioning system is always running as efficiently as possible.

Some Common Air Conditioner Repair Myths That You Should Know

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If you have any type of air conditioning system installed in your home, you probably know how to effectively operate it. At least you think you do. But many homeowners do not actually know the most efficient way to run their system. Nor do they completely understand how and why their air conditioner works or is able to produce cool air.

If you’ve ever had to call an Englewood, CO air conditioner repair company for a maintenance or service call, you probably spent a bit of time talking with the HVAC technician who visited your home and performed service on your air conditioning system. It’s probable that the technician showed you parts of your air conditioning system that you’ve never before seen. In all likelihood, you learn a great deal of information about central air conditioning each time an air conditioning repair technician visits your home! But there’s no way to learn everything there is to know about air conditioning within the short time frame that an HVAC technician is there.

If your home has a central air conditioning system, it’s a good idea to separate fact from fiction, and to understand a bit more about how your cooling system works. Here are a few tidbits of information that may help you next time your system is in need of central air conditioning repairs:

Myth: If your central air conditioning system is not able to effectively cool your home on a hot summer day, the problem is probably related to the thermostat. In reality, your thermostat is probably working and your air conditioning system is in need of repair. Any time your air conditioning is not doing a good job at cooling your home, call an Englewood, CO air conditioner repair company for a service call.

Myth: Installing and running ceiling fans in every room in your home will help keep the indoor temperature lower. A ceiling fan does not lower the temperature inside of your home. Ceiling fans can help people feel cooler because they produce a wind chill effect, but they do not actually reduce the temperature. Therefore, multiple ceiling fans will help reduce the burden on your central air conditioning system on a very hot day.

Myth: A central air conditioning system has one purpose: to cool the inside of a home or building. Actually, air conditioning systems not only cool the inside of an enclosed space, but they also remove humidity from the indoor air. In humid climates, air conditioning is very important to help prevent the growth of indoor mold.

Myth: On a very hot day, cranking the thermostat down to 50 degrees will cause the interior of your home to cool faster. Setting your thermostat for a low temperature on a hot day will not cool your home any faster than it would if the thermostat was set at your actual desired temperature.

If you have any questions about specific central air conditioner repairs or air conditioner repair in general, please do not hesitate to call Rheem Pro Partner. We are available seven days a week and we are experts in our industry!


Can a Portable Air Conditioner Save You Money?

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If there is a room in your home or office that cannot be successfully cooled by your central air conditioning system, or you do not have an air conditioning system installed, a portable air conditioner might be the solution. A portable air conditioner can be manually moved from one room to another and will provide cool air to the area in which it is placed. Not only can a portable air conditioner provide you with relief from extremely hot temperatures, but it can also help you save money on your monthly energy bill.

If your current system needs professional air conditioning repair or you are waiting for an appointment with an Aurora, Co air conditioner repair company, a portable air conditioner can be quite helpful. In some cases, costly air conditioner repairs can be delayed by temporarily using a portable air conditioner while waiting for a your air conditioner repairs to be completed.

No matter the reason you are considering a portable air conditioner, there are several factors to consider with this type of cooling system including:

It can be moved to the location it is needed at any time of the day or night. A portable air conditioner is just that… portable. It is something that can be easily moved from one room to another. If you need air conditioning in your living room during the day and your bedroom at night, the system can be easily moved. This alleviates the need to purchase more than one or two portable systems, and also allows you to cool only one or two rooms at a time instead of your entire house.

A portable air conditioner can help cool a room that is not effectively served by your central air conditioning system. You might already have a central air conditioning system installed in your home or office, but the system is not effective at cooling certain rooms. The problems associated with your central air conditioning system might require professional air conditioning repair, or the problem(s) might be impossible to fix with your current duct work. Regardless, a portable air conditioning system can help your current central air system work more efficiently.

The system can be used on an as-needed basis, which can help save energy. Depending on the climate in which you live, you might have certain summer days that are incredibly hot and other summer days that are cool and comfortable. The nice thing about a portable air conditioning system is that it can be easily turned on and shut off on an as-needed basis, which can boost energy savings.

While a portable air conditioner might not be a long-term air conditioning solution for your home or office, it is a great alternative when you need quick relief from the heat. While you are waiting for an Aurora, CO air conditioner repair company to visit your home to complete necessary ac repairs or the installation of a brand new central air conditioning system, a portable air conditioner is a good option.