Possible Reasons Your Air Conditioning Bill is Higher Than Normal

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Have you noticed that your monthly energy bill gets higher and higher each summer? The reason for the rise might be related to an increase cost of electricity. But it might also be related to the condition of your air conditioner. If your Greenwood Village, CO air conditioner is in need of repairs, the result might be an increase in the amount of energy your home consumes. This can directly relate to the dollar amount of your energy bill each month.

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There are several reasons that your central air conditioning system might cause an unusually high energy bill, including:

The home’s air ducts are either blocked, clogged or covered. In order to function efficiently, all air ducts within a home should be open and unblocked. This allows for the best air circulation throughout your home. When air ducts or return air vents are blocked or covered, the home’s air conditioning system must work harder to circulate cool air. This can result in unusually high energy bills during the summer months. Most air conditioner repair companies advise against closing air vents or placing furniture on top of return air returns in order to prevent air circulation problems.

The air conditioning system is old and unable to keep up with cool temperature demands. A central air conditioning system typically lasts for up to 20 years. It may be possible to keep an air conditioner running much longer than two decades, but old systems can have a harder time meeting the cool temperature demands of homeowners with each passing year. If your system is on the older side, it may be cost effective to have a new, more efficient central air conditioning system installed.

Other appliances are in-use throughout the day on hot summer days. When other appliances, such as stoves, ovens, dishwashers, clothes washers and clothes dryers run during the hot daytime hours, they can cause the internal temperature of your home to rise. When the inside temperature rises, your central air conditioner must work extra hard to cool the inside air. Many air conditioner repair companies advise against using appliances during the day in order to alleviate this problem.

There are several other possible reasons for higher than normal energy bills during the summer, including: poor insulation, setting your thermostat too low, the central air conditioning unit is not the proper size for the home, the ac system’s air filter is dirty, and more.

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Can an Air Conditioning System be Added to Your Garage?

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It’s summer and the temperature outside is hot! Even if your central air conditioner works perfectly fine and it cools the inside of your home very well, your garage probably remains very hot all summer long. This is due to the fact that most garages are not cooled by an air conditioner. Most people do not have a desire to have their garage air conditioned because the garage is used to store cars, garden tools, and other outside items and equipment. But the heat that builds inside of a garage on a very hot day can make the garage unusable. For anyone who likes to use their garage as a workspace – for doing repair work on a car, building something, or another type of hobby – the heat in a garage can make the space impossible to utilize.

It is possible for air conditioner installers to add central air conditioning to a garage, but doing so is not always recommended. There are quite a few factors to consider when contemplating installing an air conditioner in a garage, and it’s important to have a Denver air conditioning repair company visit your home and evaluate your situation. Make sure to seek experienced and professional advice from Rheem Pro Partner before attempting to connect your garage to your current central air conditioning system.

Factors to consider before making the decision to install central air conditioning in your garage:

Your garage might not be insulated. Many garages do not have adequate insulation. If they do have insulation, it is often not sufficient for retaining cool air that a central air conditioner would provide the area. When you try to air condition a garage that is not insulated, it can cause your air conditioner to work extra hard, which can result in extensive wear and tear on your system.

A garage is a big open space, which can be hard to cool. You might have a one-car garage, or you might have a two-car or three-car garage. Regardless, a garage is a large open space. Effectively cooling a large open space requires an extensive amount of energy.

Air conditioning a garage with a central air conditioning system can be dangerous. A central air conditioning system requires the use of return air vents. If there are return air vents in your garage, the air that is returned can be filled with exhaust and other dangerous elements that are present in a garage. It’s not safe for these gasses to circulate throughout the air in your home.

Air Conditioning Options for a Garage
Besides installing a central air conditioner in your garage, there are other options for cooling the space in your garage. For example, it may be possible to add a window air conditioner to your garage. Ceiling fans and or a ductless air conditioning system may also work very well to cool the interior of a garage.

The most important thing to do before weighing your options for installing an air conditioner in your garage is to call a Denver air conditioning repair company for advice. Professional air conditioner installers will be able to give you advice on which system will work best for effectively cooling your garage.