8 Reasons to Tune-up Your Home’s Air Conditioner in the Spring

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8 Reasons to Tune-up Your Home's Air Conditioner in the Spring

Spring is officially heading our way which means now is the perfect time to start thinking about your air conditioner. Regular air conditioner maintenance increases your system’s energy efficiency, which saves you money. Still not convinced it’s time for a tune-up? Consider these important reasons.

1. Maximize your air conditioner’s energy efficiency.

Yes, an efficient air conditioner uses less energy which saves money on utility bills. Keeping it running at peak efficiency, however, requires regular maintenance. Without it, your air conditioner could be working harder than it has to — running longer and using more energy to cool your home. Wasted energy is bad for the environment and bad for your wallet. Taking care of your system with annual tune-ups keeps it running smoothly, and the cost will be recouped in lower energy bills and fewer repairs down the road.

2. Extend the life of your air conditioner.

Even newer, high efficiency units can break down if they aren’t properly maintained. Regular maintenance will extend the life of the unit. Enjoy cool, comfortable temperatures in your home all season long, and year after year.

3. Maintain your warranty.

For a large investment, such as an air conditioner, your warranty provides some peace of mind that you won’t face a costly repair. However, many manufacturers today require regular maintenance to keep the warranty in force. Don’t take a chance. Protect your investment by scheduling a maintenance call.

4. Achieve more consistent cooling.

Comfort is the main reason to install a central air conditioner and one of the first signs of trouble is inconsistent cooling. Finding that your home doesn’t stay at the proper temperature as easily as it used to or that certain areas of your home don’t cool at all are problems that you can avoid with regular maintenance.

5. Have fewer repairs.

Your A/C professional is trained to spot and correct small problems long before they advance to costly repairs or even replacement.

6. Better air quality.

These days our homes are more tightly sealed for energy efficiency, but that means we are potentially more susceptible to indoor air pollution. Our HVAC systems are a key factor in ensuring that the air we breathe in our homes is clean and safe. During the maintenance check, your HVAC professional will replace all the air filters and make sure that your system is clean and safe.

7. Save money in the long run.

Let’s recap: Lower cooling costs each summer, fewer repairs, and keeping your warranty in full force should you need it, all add up to significant savings over the life of your air conditioner. In addition, proper maintenance will extend that life so you won’t have to replace it sooner than necessary. Tune-ups are part of the cost of owning and operating an air conditioner, but when you factor in the money you will save over time, they are actually saving you money!

8. Peace of mind.

Chances are, your life is busy enough without having to be concerned that your air conditioner is functioning properly and safely. The simplest, most economical way to have worry-free service from your air conditioner each year is to have your system professionally serviced and inspected before you are ready to use it.

Save money, protect the environment, ensure your peace of mind, and enjoy a comfortable home this summer. Contact a Rheem Pro Partner to schedule your maintenance tune-up today!

Winterize air conditioner units for Winter

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preparing-your-ac-for-winter-2Your AC has served you well this summer so now it’s time to show it some TLC and ease it into a peaceful hibernation. Here are some tips to prepare, preserve and winterize air conditioner units, protect this valuable asset during the winter months:


  • Find the air conditioning power circuit near your unit. Open and flip the switch to off. This prevents the unit from turning on during an unusually warm winter day, keeping water out of the unit that could potentially freeze.
  • Wash the unit with a hose to remove bird droppings, dead bugs, dirt and dust. Remove leaves, small branches and grass clippings from the unit. Allow the unit to dry completely.
  • Install foam pipe covers around outdoor exposed pipes. This insulates the pipes and protects them against freezing temperatures. Use duct tape on the foam covers to hold them in place.
  • Cover the unit with a waterproof plastic or vinyl cover. There are covers that are specifically designed for air conditioners, but you can use any plastic or vinyl that completely covers the unit.
  • Make sure the cover is wrapped tightly with vinyl ropes or bungee cords so it stays in place in bad weather.
  • Check your air conditioner occasionally to make sure the cover is secure. Keep snow, ice and debris off the unit.

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