Stop Paying for Preventable Air Conditioner Repair!

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If you have a pile of extra money laying around that you would like to spend on air conditioner repairs… that is your choice! But if you don’t want to spend your savings on home air conditioner repair, there are things you can do to try and prevent it. While there are certainly Denver air conditioner repair companies that are willing to repair your central air conditioning system when it is not functioning properly, your goal should be to spend as little as possible on ac repairs each year. This is a possibility by following a few simple guidelines.

Here are tips on how to stop paying for preventable air conditioner repairs:

Always call a Top Contractor. If you are in need of air conditioner repairs, call Rheem Pro Partner. All of our HVAC technicians are Top Contractors. Our group of Top Contractors are known as elite. Every independently owned HVAC contractor in this group is highly trained and completely professional. It is the goal of Rheem Pro Partner to provide 100% satisfaction to all customers. When you have your home air conditioner repair completed by a member of Rheem Pro Partner, you can rest assured that the repair is completed correctly. This can help prevent future problems – and can ultimately save you money.

Follow the advice of your HVAC technician. One of the best ways to learn more about your home’s central air conditioning system is to ask questions and listen to your HVAC technician. During your next routine HVAC system maintenance appointment, make sure to ask questions about the most effective method for taking care of your air conditioner. Find out as much as you can about you system, so you know how to avoid preventable air conditioner problems.

Have ac repairs completed as soon as they are detected. It’s always best to repair ac problems as soon as they are discovered instead of waiting weeks or months to call a Denver air conditioner repair company. When problems are left unfixed, they can lead to further damage to your HVAC system.

Always have your air conditioner maintained and tuned-up at least once a year. One of the most effective ways to prevent air conditioner problems is to have your system checked and tuned-up by a professional home air conditioner repair person at least once a year. During the maintenance appointment, the system can be checked for impending problems, and problems can be repaired before they become more significant and more expensive to fix.

It’s absolutely possible to prevent certain air conditioner problems. For additional advice on how to keep your central air conditioning system in tip-top shape, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We are happy to give homeowners advice, tips and guidance on all issues related to their HVAC system. If you ever need air conditioner repairs, we always provide quick, reliable and dependable HVAC service to homeowners located anywhere in the Denver metro area.

An Explanation of the Different Types of Air Filters for Your HVAC System

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If you have a central air conditioner installed in your home, hopefully you change the system’s air filter on a regular schedule. Many Denver air conditioner repair companies recommend changing or cleaning your air filter once a month. If you rarely, or never, replace or clean your HVAC system’s air filter, and the existing filter is excessively dirty and full, don’t be surprised if you find yourself in need of emergency air conditioner repair sometime in the future!

Depending on the size, make and model of your central air conditioner, you may have more than one option when it comes to air filters. In fact, when shopping for a replacement air filter, you might be surprised at how many choices exist. Before you head to the hardware store in search of a new air filter for your central air conditioning system, make sure to take note of the exact size of your current filter. You will need to replace the old filter with a new one that is the same size. But when it comes to the type of air filter you wish to purchase, you have a few choices.

What are the most common types of air filters available?

Simple air filters. A simple air filter is a basic air filter. This type of air filter is usually relatively inexpensive and made with either fiberglass or polyester. Not known as the most effective air filter on the market, a simple air filter does an adequate job and is absolutely better than no air filter at all!

Pleated air filters. A bit more expensive than a simple air filter, a pleated air filter does a better job at catching dust and various particles flying through your home’s air. Pleated air filters can last longer than simple air filters, so may be worth the higher cost.

Washable air filters. Many homeowners purchase washable air filters because they think this type is more environmentally friendly. But make sure to watch out for the growth of mold on your filter.

High Efficiency air filters. A high efficiency air filter is thick and does an excellent job of filtering the air. If anyone living in your home suffers from respiratory issues, this type of air filter might be helpful.

Replacing the air filter in your central air conditioning system should be a relatively straightforward and simple task. But there are some homeowners who have trouble with their air filter and require professional assistance. If you would like a Denver air conditioner repair company to help you replace your HVAC system’s air filter, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We always stress the importance of clean air filters, and we are happy to provide any homeowner in the Denver Metropolitan area with air filter assistance or emergency air conditioner repair seven days a week. Selecting the right air filter for your home’s HVAC system can be tricks. Most people have quite a few questions about which type of air filter is best.