Common AC Questions for a Local Air Conditioning Repair Company

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If you have questions about your HVAC system, one of the best things you can do is contact your local air conditioning repair company. Most Denver air conditioning companies are happy to answer questions from homeowners and those in charge of commercial air conditioning systems.

The climate in Colorado is very different from the climate in other parts of the United States. This is one reason that most local air conditioning repair companies are able to provide knowledgeable answers to questions related to HVAC systems installed in homes and commercial buildings in the Denver metropolitan area.

Following are some of the most common central air conditioning service questions that are presented to local air conditioning repair companies:

Q: How much do you charge for central air conditioning service and repairs?
A: The rates of local air conditioning repair companies vary. Remember, when a Denver air conditioning company visits your home to complete a tune-up or repairs on your HVAC system, you may have to pay for parts as well as labor. It’s a good idea find a trustworthy local air conditioning repair company and ask for a price quote before hiring the company to complete the job.

Q: How long is an air conditioning system supposed to last?
A: If you keep your air conditioning system well-maintained, it can last 15 years or longer. Make sure to talk with your local air conditioning repair company in great detail about the various brands and models of air conditioning systems before making a purchasing decision. Certain brands might have a better warranty than others, and certain brands might be known to last longer.

Q: What size air conditioning system do I need?
A: It’s very important to install the correct size air conditioning unit in your home or commercial building. There are several factors that come into play when determining the right air conditioner unit including: the size of the structure, how well the building is insulated, the climate in your geographic area, whether your home or building faces north, south, east or west. An experienced central air conditioning service company should be able to accurately measure and analyze your home and guide you towards the correct sized unit.

Q: Will a new air conditioning system save me money on my monthly utility bills?
A: If you need a new air conditioning system, chances are you are currently running a system that is quite old. Many of today’s systems are high efficiency and  have an ENERGY STAR label. Installing Energy Star appliances should result in lower monthly energy bills.

Q: How long will it take to install a new central air conditioning system in my home?
A: The amount of time it takes to install a central air conditioning system in a home varies from one home to another. The total time depends on whether the home already has ductwork installed, the size of the home, the type of air conditioning system, and other factors.

Local air conditioning repair companies are an excellent resource for common questions and answers about home and commercial cooling systems. Call your Denver air conditioning company today for more information.

Some Air Conditioner Repairs are Simple to Complete

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Nobody wants to learn that they need air conditioner repairs on a hot summer day. As  a homeowner, you want is to come home and be greeted by a nice, cool home. But, unfortunately, there might come a time in which your central air conditioning system does not function properly. When you notice that your air conditioner blows only warm air, or it does not turn on at all, it’s probably time to call a Denver air conditioning company for air conditioner repairs.

Even though you might need to hire a professional company to complete your home air conditioner repair, there might be certain repairs that you can complete yourself. It’s never a good idea to fiddle with a central air conditioning system if you truly have no idea what you are doing. Additionally, if you are not trained in how to complete air conditioner repairs, you might end up causing additional problems that can be expensive or complicated to fix.

Here are examples of basic air conditioner repairs that may be easily completed by you, without the help of a Denver air conditioning repair company:

Changing the air filter. Most homeowners are able to change their HVAC system’s air filter without the help of a professional HVAC technician. If you do not know how to change your air filter, ask your technician to show you. You should be able to complete this task once you are given initial instructions.

Keeping the area around your outdoor air conditioning unit clean. It’s important for an air conditioning unit to have good air flow. It’s entirely possible for a homeowner to monitor the outdoor unit and make sure it is clear of debris and plant growth.

Installing a programmable thermostat. Depending on your technical expertise, it may be possible for you to install a new thermostat. If you have an old thermostat and want to benefit from a more efficient, programmable thermostat, you might be able to install it without the help of a Denver air conditioning company.

Checking the circuit breaker. If your air conditioning system is not working, you might be able to confirm that something is wrong by checking the circuit breaker. You might be able to re-set the circuit breaker, which can cause your air conditioner to start working again. If the problem occurs multiple times, it might require professional home air conditioner repair.

There are certain air conditioner repairs that are simple enough for a homeowner to complete without the help of a professional home air conditioner repair company. If you would like advice on how to complete simple repairs, give Rheem Pro Partner a call. We are happy to provide assistance in any way we can. We are also able to step in and help at any time. Our Top Contractors serve homeowners in the entire Denver metropolitan area.