Can a Handyman Complete Air Conditioning Repairs?

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The answer to the question, “Can a handyman complete air conditioning repairs,” is not as easy to answer as you might originally think. While a handyman might be able to complete air conditioning repairs, it’s advisable that you hire a Denver HVAC contractor to repair or install the central air conditioner in your home. A handyman might have a lot of skills and might be able to fix most things that typically break or need to be replaced in a home. But when it comes to a central air conditioning system or anything related to your home’s HVAC system, it’s important to hire a professional that is specifically trained to work on such a complex piece of equipment.

If you need air conditioning repairs, and you are considering hiring a handyman, make sure to consider the following:

Licensed air conditioner installers are formally trained. Even though a handyman might be able to quickly repair your air conditioning system, a licensed HVAC technician is specifically trained and should be able to provide advice on how to prevent future HVAC problems.

A Denver contractor might charge more, but you can rest assured that the repairs will be completed correctly. Paying a higher fee for air conditioning repairs can be worthwhile if the higher fee means the repairs will be completed correctly the first time.

A handyman does not necessarily have access to the correct tools to complete air conditioning repairs. A Denver HVAC contractor travels from one job to another with a set of tools specifically designed to complete repairs on an air conditioning system. A handyman may not have access to such tools.

If you need additional work completed on your HVAC system, you know who to call. If your air conditioning system needs service or repairs in the future, a handyman might not be available or have the expertise to complete the work. When you use a Denver HVAC contractor to complete your air conditioning repairs, you know that you can call that contractor at any point in the future if you require additional work.

A professional air conditioning contractor can answer all of your HVAC-related questions. Any time you want to know anything about your air conditioning system, a professional HVAC company is the place to call. A handyman might not know the ins and outs of an HVAC system and may not be able to answer all of your questions.

When you hire a professional, you can rest assured that your air conditioning repairs will be completed safely. A professionally-trained and licensed HVAC technician should know how to complete repairs on an air conditioning using all appropriate safety precautions.

It’s important to remember that working on a central air conditioner without proper training or expertise can be dangerous. Also, anyone who attempts to complete air conditioning repairs but is not formally trained can end up causing additional damage to your system. This can ultimately cause the need for more extensive and expensive repairs. To make sure you have your air conditioning repairs done correctly the first time, make sure to schedule an appointment with a Denver HVAC contractor.

How to Avoid Emergency Air Conditioner Repair for Your Commercial Building

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If you are the owner of a commercial building that is used by one or more companies to conduct business, the last thing you want is a phone call telling you that the HVAC system is not working and requires emergency air conditioner repair. During the hot months of the year, making sure your commercial building’s air conditioning is in working order is extremely important. When the air conditioning is not working properly, the inside of the building can become hot and uncomfortable. If there is no ventilation, the inside of the building can quickly become stuffy and unpleasant.

If you own or operate a commercial building and you would like to know more about central air conditioner repair costs, make sure to contact a Denver HVAC contractor for an estimate. If your building’s air conditioner and HVAC system are not working well, you don’t want the people who work inside of the building to suffer.

Here are some of precautions that can help alleviate the possibility of emergency air conditioner repair in your commercial building:

Air Conditioner Maintenance. If you want to avoid the possibility of expensive central air conditioner repair costs, make sure a Denver HVAC contractor is hired on a regular schedule to complete routine maintenance on your air conditioning system. Routine maintenance appointments can catch impending problems and also ensure your system is functioning as well as possible.

Evaluate the Building’s Insulation. A building that is able to retain cool air during the summer and hot air during the winter is one that is properly insulated and sealed. A Denver HVAC contractor should be able to evaluate your commercial building and provide you with tips and advice on how to make sure your building is as efficient as possible.

Temperature Control. A commercial building should have a programmable thermostat that can be set to adjust the internal temperature of the building when nobody is inside. There may not be a need to keep a commercial building as cool (or warm) at night as you would during the day when people are there.

As a commercial building owner, it’s important to find and develop a working relationship with a trustworthy and reliable Denver HVAC contractor. A reputable HVAC contractor will help keep your commercial building’s air conditioning system in good working order, which should lead to reduced central air conditioner repair costs. In turn, this should also contribute to energy savings and lower monthly utility bills.

When it comes to a commercial building, the owners or person/company in charge of managing the building has a responsibility to provide a comfortable and healthy environment for those who work inside of the building on a daily basis. Healthy indoor air quality is important, and helps keep workers from breathing polluted indoor air – which can lead to various ailments. Healthy workers can help a business survive and thrive. Give Rheem Pro Partner a call today. We repair and maintain commercial HVAC systems throughout the Denver metropolitan area.

Questions to Ask Before Agreeing to Air Conditioner Repairs

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If your air conditioner is not working properly and you believe you need air conditioner repair, make sure to ask your Denver HVAC contractor several questions before allowing the technician to begin repair work. First, it’s important to understand what the technician believes is wrong with your air conditioning system. Second, you will want to have a repair cost estimate before the work begins so there are no surprises. And, finally, if your air conditioning system is in need of expensive repairs, you might want to consider a new air conditioner installation instead of repairing the old one.

If you are in need of home air conditioner repair, make sure to ask your HVAC contractor these questions before giving the go-ahead for repair work:

What exactly is wrong with my air conditioning system? It’s important to know exactly what is wrong, and why it broke. If your HVAC technician cannot explain exactly what is wrong with your air conditioning system, you might want to get a second opinion.

Can you show me the part of my air conditioner that is broken or in need of repair? There is no reason that your HVAC technician should not be able to point out the area of your air conditioner that needs repair.

What caused the problem in the first place? There may be a specific reason that your air conditioner broke down. For example, the problem might be due to a consistently dirty air filter. If you understand why your air conditioner broke, you might be able to prevent the problem from occurring again in the future.

Could regular maintenance on my air conditioner have prevented the problem? It’s always good to know if certain air conditioner repairs could have been prevented. In many cases, an HVAC system that is kept in good working order through regular maintenance appointments does not need repairs as often.

What if the repairs don’t actually fix the problem? It’s never good to spend a significant amount of money on home air conditioner repair when the repair does not fix the problem. Make sure your HVAC technician provides you with information on company guarantees.

Do you think I should complete the air conditioner repair or should I consider a new air conditioner installation? If you feel as if your air conditioner contractor is pressuring you into a new air conditioner without trying to repair the system first, make sure to carefully consider your options before making a final decision.

Will you provide me with a written estimate for the repairs? A written estimate is important because it allows you to understand the approximate charge for the repair ahead of time.

The abovementioned questions are not an complete list that can or should be asked of your Denver HVAC contractor. Make sure to ask your technician any questions that come to your mind before authorizing repairs. You want to feel confident that you are making the right decision – especially if the repairs are expensive.

How to Know There Might Be Something Wrong With your Air Ducts

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If your air conditioning is running, but cool air is not coming out of some or all of your air vents, something might be wrong with your air ducts. Air ducts carry cool air from your air conditioning system into each room in your house. Ductwork is typically not visible because it exists under your floors, above your ceilings and inside of your walls. The air carried through the air ducts is released into the rooms inside of your home through air vents.

When your central air conditioning system is not working properly, a Denver HVAC contractor can evaluate your air ducts to determine if they are the source of the problem. It’s not always easy to check air ducts because they are hidden. But if your air conditioning system is not working properly and you think you need emergency air conditioner repair, all aspects of your HVAC system should be evaluated.

There are signs that there might be something wrong with your air ducts, including the following:

Some rooms get cool when the air conditioning is running, and others do not. If one or two rooms in your home are always hotter than the rest of the house when the air conditioning is running, the problem might be with the duct work that leads to those rooms.

Certain rooms in your home tend to feel more stuffy or humid than others. When one or more rooms does not receive adequate air flow from your home’s central air conditioning system, some rooms can feel damp, humid, warm and uncomfortable.

Your monthly energy bill is consistently higher during the hottest months of the year. If you crank down the thermostat because your home is hot, but you have shoddy ductwork, your central air conditioning system cannot function efficiently. This can result in higher than normal energy bills.

Air ducts play a very important role in transporting cool air throughout your home when your air conditioner is running. If certain rooms in your home do not get cool when your air conditioner is running, you might need central air conditioner repairs. But there might not be anything wrong with your air conditioner unit at all! The problem might be related to your air ducts, and not the system itself.

It’s entirely possible that a section of your home’s ductwork is leaking air. This can be caused by a torn or crushed air duct. When an air duct has a hole or crack, the cool air being transported through the duct leaks into the walls, ceiling or floor and never makes it to its intended destination.

It’s very important that air ducts remain clean and in good condition. If they are not able to effectively deliver cool air to the various rooms in your home, you may spend quite a bit of money on air conditioner bills – but not have the benefit of a cool and comfortable home.

If you suspect that there might be something wrong with your home’s ductwork, schedule an appointment with a Denver HVAC contractor today. Rheem Pro Partner will look at your home’s air ducts and determine if the ductwork is in need of repair or replacement.