Is a New Thermostat Worth the Investment?

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Your thermostat, that unobtrusive device on the wall that controls your furnace and air conditioner, may be more important to your HVAC system than you realize. If you have the original thermostat from 10, 20, or more years ago, taking a look at the advantages of the new programmable thermostats is worth your time. The technology has come a long way and Colorado/Wyoming residents can benefit by upgrading.

Here are some things to keep in mind when evaluating the benefits of a new thermostat:

You don’t have to spend money heating or cooling your home when no one is there.

New programmable thermostats help you save money and energy use. Simply set the thermostat for a lower (or higher in summer) temperatures at night and when you are away, and you’ve instantly and (nearly) effortlessly made your home more energy efficient.

You won’t be paying to heat your home to 75 degrees when you’ve set your thermostat to 72 degrees.

New thermostats are more accurate at measuring the exact temperature of your home and provide more precise control of your heating and cooling system. As a result, you’ll experience increased comfort and increased savings.

You can do more with new thermostats.

Today’s new models come with a variety of useful features and options to meet your needs. Some come with remote controls that allow you to adjust the temperature from anywhere in the house. Some have indicator lights that let you know when the filters need to be changed, making it easy to keep your system running properly.

You don’t have to wait until you replace your entire heating or cooling system.

Most new thermostats can work with many different types of existing heating and cooling systems.

You don’t have to spend a lot to gain the benefits of a new thermostat.

Having a new thermostat installed is inexpensive ($100 for a basic thermostat up to several hundred for one with lots of features). Your energy cost savings will quickly pay for the cost of the upgrade.

You can get the most out of your state-of-the-art HVAC system.

With an old style thermostat, you may be not be taking full advantage of all the energy saving features your new system has to offer.

Still not sure which thermostat is right for you? The professionals at Rheem Pro Partner can help you choose and install the new thermostat that best meets your needs. Call us today!

Winterize air conditioner units for Winter

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preparing-your-ac-for-winter-2Your AC has served you well this summer so now it’s time to show it some TLC and ease it into a peaceful hibernation. Here are some tips to prepare, preserve and winterize air conditioner units, protect this valuable asset during the winter months:


  • Find the air conditioning power circuit near your unit. Open and flip the switch to off. This prevents the unit from turning on during an unusually warm winter day, keeping water out of the unit that could potentially freeze.
  • Wash the unit with a hose to remove bird droppings, dead bugs, dirt and dust. Remove leaves, small branches and grass clippings from the unit. Allow the unit to dry completely.
  • Install foam pipe covers around outdoor exposed pipes. This insulates the pipes and protects them against freezing temperatures. Use duct tape on the foam covers to hold them in place.
  • Cover the unit with a waterproof plastic or vinyl cover. There are covers that are specifically designed for air conditioners, but you can use any plastic or vinyl that completely covers the unit.
  • Make sure the cover is wrapped tightly with vinyl ropes or bungee cords so it stays in place in bad weather.
  • Check your air conditioner occasionally to make sure the cover is secure. Keep snow, ice and debris off the unit.

Early Snow and Cold a Reminder to Check Your Furnace

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Early Snow and Cold a Reminder to Check Your Furnace With the average first snow for the lower elevations of the Front Range being in mid-October it was a shock to wake up to snow in many areas on September 11! If you haven’t yet, now is a good time to check your furnace and make sure it is running efficiently before winter really sets in.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Check your furnace is inspected by a Rheem Pro Partner technician and tuned-up annually to ensure your heating system is at peak efficiency.
  2. Keep the area around the furnace so that the air flow is not restricted.
  3. heck your furnace filter monthly to make sure air flow isn’t restricted causing a loss of efficiency or even a breakdown.
  4. Keep your thermostat at one setting, turning it up or down will result in more energy being sed. Consider a programmable thermostat to manage your home climate.
  5. If your furnace is 12 years or older, consider replacing it for a high efficiency system. If you plan on staying in your home for a few years the investment will pay-off in lower heating bills, more comfort and a higher property value. A Rheem Pro Partner contractor will be happy to show you all the advantages including rebates and utility company incentives.



Ductless and Uncomfortable? ductless mini splits are the Answer!

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Ductless Mini-Split SystemDuctless and Uncomfortable? Ductless Mini splits are the Answer!

Do you have a room that doesn’t get enough airflow to keep it comfortable? Perhaps you have a home without duct work or have a room addition where extending the duct work is not feasible? Adding duct work is a major project and very expensive so mini-splits could be the energy efficient solution to your problem. Ductless Mini splits have two primary components: an outdoor compressor/condenser, and an indoor handling unit. A conduit which contains the power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing and a condensate drain links the outdoor and indoor units.

Advantages of ductless mini splits:

  • Small size allows zoning for heating and cooling individual rooms, some models have multiple units for different zones
  • Installation of mini-splits is often easier than other types of space conditioning units
  • Loss of energy is minimal because there are no ducts which can lose up to 30% of the air flow
  • Interior design flexibility allows homeowners to suspend from a ceiling, mount to a wall or even be free standing
  • Most indoor units have profiles of about seven inches deep and usually come with sleek, high-tech-looking jackets.  Many also offer a remote control

Mini splits are priced on their ton size, it’s important to have a qualified Rheem Pro Partner installer correctly calculate the size and location for each indoor unit to maximize comfort and efficiency. 


Ductless Mini Split Installation: Call a Pro

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ductless mini split installationDeciding to install a ductless mini split installation is a smart choice for your northern Colorado home. It provides many benefits over traditional ductwork, with the most desirable aspect being the ability to cool and warm your home without running ducts throughout the house. They’re the ideal solution for homeowners looking to replace outdated and inefficient window air conditioning units and baseboard electric heaters with an energy-efficient system. read more →

Heat Pumps: How Long Do They Last?

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Heat PumpsHeat pumps are a viable appliance in our region for both cooling and heating homes. Their average lifespan is around 15 years, and heat pumps may last longer depending on the initial installation process and the maintenance they receive. read more →

True Energy Efficiency Requires a Whole-House Approach — What That Means

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energy efficiency When it comes to HVAC systems, you can think of your home as a kind of organism. It has walls and insulation for its skin, uses ventilation to breathe, and the conditioned air circulates through ductwork the way blood circulates through the body, returning to the furnace and air conditioner (or heart) on each cycle. And just as your health is a combination of all the systems in your body working together, the health of your energy systems depends on all of the systems in your home working together efficiently. read more →

Is a Heat Pump Right for Your Casper Home’s Needs? The Pros and Cons

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heat pumpsHeat pumps are growing in popularity, and for good reason: dollar for dollar, they can produce three to four times the amount of heating that a traditional furnace can provide, and their efficiency extends to their cooling powers as well. And because a single unit takes on both the heating and cooling roles in your home, your overall HVAC installation can be simplified. But if that’s the case, why hasn’t the whole nation switched? The answer involves some heat pump pros and cons. read more →

Schedule Savings Along With Comfort With a Programmable Thermostat

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programmable thermostats, Denver, ColoradoAs temperatures fluctuate we alter our behavior – wearing lighter or heavier clothes, eating different foods and taking part in seasonal activities. We also behave differently when we are asleep. So if we acknowledge the need to make adjustments depending on these factors, wouldn’t it make sense to also take this approach to our A/C systems, by using a programmable thermostat? read more →